Wang Yubo’s work on cultural relics protection in Xining

"in the process of building the social and economic development, the modern city, we must have a strong cultural sense of awe, cultural roots to protect the city’s cultural heritage, good memory of the city, to ensure that the city has a long history and culture be handed down from age to age." September 16th is the weekend, deputy secretary of Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo stressed in the research work of protection of cultural relics, cultural relics is a city of precious cultural relics, is an important symbol of the historical heritage, cultural resources are non renewable, and protect the heritage has very important historical value and practical significance. read more

Xining health care reform in depth

recently held a reporter from the Xining municipal health care reform work conference that, in recent years, Xining city in improving the health-care system, promote the comprehensive reform of the county public hospital, the grassroots and the establishment of ill health insurance, improve the mechanism of helping and other areas to achieve new results, new breakthroughs, walk in the forefront of the country and the province. Currently, the city’s health care reform in depth.

provincial health care reform related to the overall situation of the province. Since last year, Xining City, a substantial increase in the urban and rural residents medical insurance financing standard, improve the policy within the scope of hospital expense ratio, to start the implementation of the expansion of medical insurance for urban and rural residents, effectively alleviate the patients with serious illness and family medical burden; and two public hospitals canceled drug addition, the implementation of the zero sales slip the city’s public hospitals, the implementation of the "First Hospital, after the settlement of" service mode; deepen national public hospital reform pilot work, improve the level of corporate governance structure of public hospitals, the implementation of general accountant system, give full play to the three health service institute and the medical association leading role, working mechanism of public hospitals and grassroots medical institutions, medical grade on the linkage, two-way referral and gradually establish; encourage the development of private medical institutions, a diversified medical pattern Initially formed to attract private capital of 350 million yuan, has introduced a number of private enterprises in the medical and health resources in relatively weak areas of the scale of the opening of the medical institutions in the 4. read more

Qinghai province court online handling standards Trial promulgated

October 14th, the provincial high court held in Xining, Qinghai province court online handling standards (Trial) issued a press conference.

"Internet plus" era, information technology has permeated and influenced all aspects of the work of the court. In 2014, the high court took the lead in achieving the online handling work in the province of the court system, proposed earlier this year by the end of 2015, the basic realization of the province’s court online handling, and emphasize the information application ability as a prerequisite for the amount of judges. September 25th, the Provincial High Court adopted the "Qinghai provincial court online handling standards (for Trial Implementation)". Online handling standards, mainly involving the case of digital information, intelligent judge cases, fine trial management, justice for the convenience of the people, the five aspects of public justice normalization of the 24. Reflected through the promotion of online handling, the whole process of implementation of cases handled online, online data extraction, process control, online approval, online public matters online display, evaluation was carried out online, the online trial management. The content of the standard of handling the case on the Internet has been comprehensive, specific, important nodes, the key work is strict and standardized, and it has a strong guiding role in carrying out the work of handling the case on the court of the province.   read more

Xining population and family planning system to carry out the floating population family planning sp

To do a good job of floating population family planning services and management, to further meet the floating population of people of childbearing age family planning and reproductive health services demand, the city population and family planning system from July 10 until the end of August, in the city carried out family planning special service activities of floating population

to do a good job of floating population family planning services and management, to further meet the floating population of people of childbearing age family planning and reproductive health services demand, the city population and family planning system from July 10 until the end of August, in the city carried out family planning special service activities of floating population. read more

Xining City north of the city to carry out the theme of a national civilized city Month activities

In order to further improve to create a national civilized city activities influence and coverage, enhance the quality of public culture, a welcome working boom, Seongbuk carefully designed "etiquette promotion", "smile" and "volunteer service month" 17 broad, keynote theme activities, from 2012 to 2014 continuous rolling development, carry out a monthly 2-3, through the development of sustainability, the normalization of the theme activities, the activities to create a more enduring and far-reaching significance, influence and lead more effective public participation in the creation of civilization, to form a new situation in the whole society to participate in a city.

in the "etiquette Promotion Month" activities: one is the payment proposal of nearly 10000, has built "beautiful homes, civilized city", "advocating etiquette, Lide slim – members of the public etiquette 100" and other promotional materials more than 60000 copies were widely publicized, and issued 15000 "ten uncivilized the behavior selection table, selected ten uncivilized behavior, spitting, spitting toilet etc. the most unpopular"". The two is to carry out the civilized etiquette to discuss the activities in the village meeting, the public forum, women’s forum, there are various people around and uncovering their own uncivilized phenomenon. The three is the formation of the north area of the civilized etiquette demonstration team, invited senior etiquette teachers for civilization and etiquette demonstration and authority of each window unit and 23 community staff do civilized etiquette special counseling, etiquette knowledge popularization and standardization. The four is to carry out the "civilized distance photography big sun" activities, through the collection of photographic works, mobilize the public to capture and show good social custom, expose and condemn these uncivilized behavior, flexible form, rich activities off the Daxing wind in the region of etiquette.

in "environmental action" activities: one is to carry out the "low-carbon home, fashion life" as the theme of "saving organs", "beautiful small garden and beautiful living room", "green school" and other activities. At present, Wu Zhong school, mountains and rivers school, double Su school won the seventh batch of provincial "green school" title. Two is the organization of students to carry out the "clear white pollution" as the theme of environmental protection (production) and the creative contest theme class meeting, black newspaper board, signing and issuing a proposal in the form of "every day environment" and "refuse to smoke the first cigarette" as the theme of the campaign. At the same time, the organization and the public civilized persuasion patrol volunteers, in the park, green climbing flowers fold, trample green correction and other uncivilized behavior, advocate promote low-carbon living, green travel concept of environmental protection.

in adolescent month "activities: one is the multi departments jointly launched a comprehensive renovation of the environment of the school, the school banned surrounding pavement operating outside the shop and flow of stalls, game rooms, Internet cafes, shops around the campus for a special treatment, focusing on" illegal religious publications "were investigated, the optimization of the school the surrounding environment. Two departments jointly carried out around the school food safety investigation activities, focusing on the management of the school, kindergarten cafeteria hygiene. At the same time, schools in the region to organize food safety in my heart, the theme of the class, the campus food safety; read more

The province introduced 20 financial initiatives to support the supply side structural reforms

In order to further improve the financing environment and support enterprises to supply side structural reforms, promote industrial structural adjustment steady growth and increase the efficiency, the day before, the provincial government office forwarded Xining Central Branch of people’s Bank, the provincial finance office and other 9 departments "on the financial support of enterprise supply side structural reforms to promote industrial structural adjustment steady growth and increase the efficiency of opinion". read more

Xining City Health Bureau held chuangxianzhengyou activity experience exchange and the first meeting

For the first time meeting to conscientiously implement the party chuangxianzhengyou activities leading group spirit, and promote the city health bureau system excel, August 19th, the Municipal Health Bureau held a global system of chuangxianzhengyou activity experience exchange and the first meeting of the leading group


for the first time meeting to conscientiously implement the party chuangxianzhengyou activities leading group spirit, and promote the city health bureau system excel, August 19th, the Municipal Health Bureau held a global system of chuangxianzhengyou activity experience exchange and the first meeting of the leading group. The conference listened carefully to the first, the second people’s Hospital of Party committee and the Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention of Party branch of chuangxianzhengyou activity experience exchange report. Third people’s Hospital, maternal and child health centers, health supervision and other 6 units of written communication, all members of the leadership team, the director of the board members of the unit leadership, party office, bureau of organs all cadres and workers to participate in the meeting. read more

Xining meteorological observatory issued a yellow warning wind

December 4th, the author learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, affected by the eastward drift of Xinjiang cold temperature trough, windy weather occurred in Xining, Xining meteorological observatory was released on the same day 15 strong yellow warning signal. The next three days, Xining will be shrouded in windy weather.

according to the city meteorological observatory forecast for the next three days, the next three days the city mainly cloudy sunny weather, no precipitation weather. But in the next three days, the Xining region has a dry weather, the maximum wind speed of more than 6 northwest wind will accompany the public to spend the time of three days. Temperature, the maximum temperature range is not large, the lowest temperature drop, the lowest temperature in the city or down to 15 degrees below zero. read more

To simplify the trial process car convenience measures introduced Xining city vehicle administration

February 22nd onwards, the relevant departments of the organization to visit the group of Xining civilization window unannounced visits to various groups in unannounced visits to the group found that the Xining City Administration of vehicle management around the car a serious phenomenon. In this regard, the Xining city vehicle administration to carry out a special vehicle for special rectification action.

Xining City Vehicle Administration for four consecutive months of remediation, persuasion, combat, while simplifying the car review process, the introduction of convenience measures, at present, Xining city vehicle administration has been basically around the car has disappeared. With the increase in the number of motor vehicles in Xining, every day to come to the city vehicle administration for the business of an endless stream of people, car breeding. Xining city vehicle administration staff found that the cause of the car "illegal intermediary" is because the hospital is to detect line detection of vehicle vehicle detection and the only way which must be passed, the process cumbersome, slow speed, the car will start up the chance. As the vehicle to handle business people to create a convenient and civilized environment, in March this year, the channel isolation between Xining city and Xining vehicle administration motor vehicle inspection center, and open channels for detection of vehicles, and to the car for the business vehicle still choose the original gate. At the same time, Xining motor vehicle inspection center also simplifies the process of the trial car, vehicle security, exhaust detection to implement a line of service. In addition, in order to crack down on the car, Xining city vehicle administration deployed police and SWAT patrol vehicle in the hospital, and published telephone consultation and supervision to the society, and accept public supervision, and increase the security patrol in the vicinity of testing center site and channels, to maintain the normal order, in order to protect the people convenient, civilized inspection vehicle. (author: Liu Peng)
  read more

Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Tunnel through No 3 in second tier pay

In August 15th, a reporter from the Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway construction headquarters learned by the second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway twenty-one Bureau of China railway construction pay in No. 3 tunnel on the afternoon of August 13th through the victory.

it is understood that the tunnel through the 3, located in the east of the city territory, a total length of 1605 meters, is a double line composite tunnel. Due to the steep slope of the entrance hole, the surface of the cave is undulating, and the mudstone and gypsum are widely distributed in the tunnel. The geological condition is poor, the safety risk is high, and the construction is very difficult. Therefore, since the beginning of June this year, the tunnel, the construction sector will continue to optimize the design of the construction organization, carefully developed a special construction program to solve the problem of soft rock tunnel deformation. Because of the weak surrounding rock, to grasp the dynamic of the surrounding rock and supporting dynamic, construction personnel actively advance geological forecast work, timely adjustment according to the actual tunnel construction and supporting scheme, to ensure the stability of the surrounding rock and the safety of construction. (author: Hu Youjun) read more