Why You Should Consider a Career in Technology Sales

first_imgAccording to the Women in Sales at Dell EMEAWe recently interviewed various women in sales across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region at Dell EMC to get their insights on what motivated them to go into sales, what keeps them intrigued, life at Dell and lastly what they believe are the biggest misconceptions about a career in sales.Diana Boos, Switzerland, Inside Sales Account Manager – Acquisition“Though I’ve been working in IT for many years, I still find it exciting as it is a constantly changing world.  In my current role at Dell EMC, I’m responsible for acquiring new business opportunities within the Public customer sector. In addition, I manage all aspects of the customer and partner relationships. One might think that technology sales is a little too technical, that there is a typical sales play that must be adhered to and it’s a better match for males, however, in contrary your basically conversing with various clients and doing it in your own way.“Furthermore, if you like working with international teams and in a fresh environment, Dell EMC is the place to be. Industry 4.0 and digitalization are future trends that you will not only read about but you will be in the middle of these solutions at Dell EMC.”Bouchra El Mernissi, France, Partner Account Manager – Channels “Initially I didn’t have any experience in technology. However, IT is everywhere so I was interested joining an IT company. Additionally, the fact that IT is considered as a male domain motivated me even more to join.“My role entails selling Dell EMC solutions to partners who in turn resell to end users. I also work with a virtual team and we work on account strategy, sales enablement and pipeline management.“I believe that the biggest misconception women may have about sales is that it’s too difficult for them, too much pressure, high targets that are unattainable and that there might not be much of a work-life balance. Yes, there is pressure, but more so it is challenging and this is what motivates me.“Dell EMC provides a multitude of jobs and there are great opportunities to grow. For example, I changed roles just after 18 months to a new opportunity I wanted to pursue. The organization offers rewarding experiences, advancement and on top of that, balance.”Olga Nikrasova (pictured), Sweden, Account Executive – Channels“I was working as a Project Manager on a small team at a small company and felt that I needed a change in my professional life, something to motivate me more.  I had a friend that worked at Dell at that time and whenever she spoke about her work it sounded like such a fun and challenging environment.  So I decided to apply to an open position even though I had no background in technology or sales. Seven years later, I’m still at Dell, I’ve had several roles, and I’m still enjoying the continuous challenges.“I am responsible for one of our largest partners in Sweden. My work consists of, amongst other things, keeping the relationship between our companies strong, assisting the sales teams in larger deals/opportunities, keeping track of certifications and providing necessary trainings for the partner with year on year growth as a primary objective.“I think the biggest misconception is that being in sales is tough and competitive. I mean, it can be, but most of the time you work as a team involving specialists in different areas so when you win a deal you win as a team and everyone gets credit for it. It’s so much more about teamwork than anything else really, which also makes it a lot more fun.“Dell EMC is a great workplace due to the culture, the people and the opportunities. Most of the managers at Dell started out in Inside Sales and worked their way up, which says a lot about a company where people choose to stay for the endless possibilities to evolve professionally and personally. Working in sales is not only fun but also educational and can be a great stepping stone in your career.”Laure Masson, France, Account Executive“At first, IT wasn’t an obvious choice for me, but I became more intrigued when realizing the impact that IT can have on our customers’ business and strategy. IT is everywhere! Though at the start of my career my scope was related to product management, it quickly appeared to me that the most interesting part of it was to talk about our customers’ challenges and articulate the right solutions to help them.“I’m currently responsible for a group of private sector large customers in the Paris area, and my day to day job is to ensure (together with my team) that we assist our customers in the best way by leveraging the Dell EMC strategy to meet their expectations and ensure a high level of satisfaction. The larger our footprint is in our customer’s IT strategy, the better opportunity we have to grow revenue and profit.“One of the things I enjoy the most about my job are the challenges. When a customer is facing a business challenge, or is aiming to transform part of its business, this is where our job makes the most impact. When we succeed in building the right relationship with the customer, then they consider us as trusted advisors, and are keen to discuss challenges to formulate a strategy together. The Digital Transformation that every industry is facing today generates a lot of thinking among our customers, and our strategy hinges on helping them take the best turns to remain competitive.“To me, women might perceive the sales role as tough; a job where you need to be aggressive in your approach to be relevant, where negotiation is the only way to make a move with the customer and where basically a woman might not feel comfortable. Selling IT is different from selling windows or carpets, it is all about going along with your customers’ challenges and priorities, and being identified as the right person they can rely to make the right decisions.“I would like to let all females know what it is to have a career at Dell EMC.  You’ll discover various jobs. Being a sales person at Dell EMC will give you the opportunity to drive and contribute to the company’s strategy and be involved in a fantastic momentum such as Digital Transformation, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. At Dell EMC you learn a lot on a daily basis and it is possible to take new challenges while driving your career efficiently.”Mette Wesby, Norway, Inside Sales Manager“I started in IT when I was 17. I started working in technical support for internet. Then I studied Web design. After that I started to work at 21 years old at Dell in Copenhagen. Currently, I work as an Inside Sales Manager. As an Inside Sales Manager, I develop, communicate and execute specific sales strategies and activities.“The biggest misconception that females may have about sales is that it’s a man’s job. However at Dell EMC, we focus on Diversity and Inclusion, which contributes to making the organization an even better place to work and this in turn drives greater outcomes for our business and customers.”Angela McMillan, United Kingdom, Inside Sales Manager – Acquisition “I worked at HP for 7 years in Services. Dell opened in Glasgow and I fancied a change so I decided to apply for a support role, mainly to get my foot in the door. I started in the Global Customer Program team, which stood me in great stead for learning the systems and understanding the sales cycle and serving customers.“Today I’m the UK Inside Sales Manager for the Acquisition – Commercial business team. I really enjoy managing people, helping them to strive to do better and hitting the number, on their own foremost, then as part of a team.“The biggest misconceptions women may have, is that it is a ‘Man’s World‘– and indeed it is not. I work for a female manager who has been extremely successful during her time in Dell. Dell EMC is a fantastic company to work for, I have grown up at Dell I guess, engaged, married and now I am having my first baby, and in that time I have moved teams 5 times and been promoted 4 times.“The sky is the limit!”Ane Bessermann, Denmark, Sales Director – Public “I started working in sales 18 years ago, by coincidence. I was applying for a job in marketing, but was convinced to go after a job in sales instead (at the same company). First I was really quite surprised by this suggestion; I definitely didn’t see myself as a “typical sales person.” In my mind, a typical sales person working with IT, would need deep technical knowledge, as well have very good negotiation skills and maybe be a bit the annoying/persistent persona, like the sales people you sometimes meet over the phone, trying to sell you a new insurance or newspaper subscription.“But I decided to try it out, and I have stayed within sales ever since. It turned out that selling is about people, relationships, teamwork, trust, listening, learning, network, competition, agility, being smart and clever – and a lot more. And in technology sales, a sales rep is not “one size fits all.” To compensate for my lack of technical knowledge, I have managed to team up with colleagues who have excellent technical skills. It’s all about being part of a great diverse team, and knowing how to engage with the right colleagues at the right time.“I enjoy the engagement with people (colleagues, customers and partners). I like working out the strategy and trying to find better and smarter ways to do things. I like how we work and win as a team, and I like winning over our competitors.  No two days are the same, and there is a lot of empowerment and flexibility in a job in sales – even if you are not a manager.“A job within sales is a good way to practice your leadership skills. You play an important role getting people working together around closing a large deal (product specialists, finance, pricing, etc.). If you are the person people want to work with, you are already closer to being a success.“No matter what career path you chose in the long run, having tried a sales role will always be a good experience to bring into every job role since you learn how to deliver a clear message and convince people to be on your team.”Key TakeawaysIf you are considering a career in IT sales, heed the wise words of these women who have enjoyed success and boundless opportunity in their field.  Realize it’s a career based on relationship building and team collaboration in which no two days are the same.  As these women shared, Dell offers a diverse environment with great career opportunities and flexibility within the sales profession.So we encourage you to take a risk, discover something new and challenge yourself!To learn more about our sales opportunities across EMEA visit: jobs.dell.com/EMEA-saleslast_img read more

Hotels and camps will have the advantage of obtaining a concession on the maritime domain

first_imgIn the future, tourist houses, ie owners of hotels and camps will have the right to a beach concession on request, ie an advantage in obtaining a concession on a maritime domain, if their facilities have an infrastructural connection outside the settlement, to the beach where they want to place their deck chairs, umbrellas and other facilities. which in turn will be prescribed by plans for the use of maritime property in their counties or local self-government units (LGUs).Both counties and local self-government units will earn two percent more money from concessions than now, 35 percent each, while 20 percent will go to the state budget and 10 percent to the new Maritime Property Fund that will be established. The boundaries of the maritime domain, which have not yet been determined, will be determined by the county offices, and the procedure of legalization of facilities on the maritime domain that are in accordance with the spatial plans will be initiated, and the rest will be removed, writes Business diary. These are all novelties from the proposal of three laws in the process of reforming maritime legislation, the Law on Port Authorities, which is already in parliamentary procedure, the Law on Amendments to the Maritime Code and the Law on Maritime Property and Seaports, which should be passed by the end of the year.The objectives of the reform are to increase the competitiveness of the maritime economy, the digitalisation of the maritime system, raising the level of safety of navigation and protection of the sea, and the effective management of maritime assets. Due to the fact that, by the nature of things, it is difficult to reconcile numerous interests of the public and private sector, the new Law on Maritime Property Croatia has been waiting for eight years, which is why many investments are pending, and there is chaos and frequent misuse of maritime property. in the non-proprietary model.The new law stipulates that the use of the beach will be determined by local self-government units in the maritime domain management plan, and they will give approvals for smaller interventions (umbrellas, deck chairs) or concessions for larger interventions, all with public tenders, with the exception of tourist company. Camps that stretch along long beaches will only be able to get one part of the beach on request, and the rest will go to tender. In addition, on each beach one part will be without any activity, “for towels”.Both counties and local self-government units will have the obligation to maintain beaches, both regular and extraordinary, and the state will intervene through the fund in cases of major works. Considering that a total of around HRK 150 million is collected annually from concessions on maritime property outside the port, the Maritime Property Fund should have around HRK 15 million at its disposal annually.In order to strengthen the cooperation of all stakeholders (state, county, local self-government), representatives of all levels will sit on the commissions for the award of concessions, regardless of who announces the tender.last_img read more

Government pays $3.76b for land in 77 strategic projects

first_img“The projects’ development over the next five years is expected to involve a total of 19 million [workers],” Airlangga said.President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has raised concerns over land acquisition for strategic national projects and has asked ministers to solve the problems quickly.“I have received reports that the biggest obstacle [in strategic national projects] is land acquisition,” Jokowi said on May 29. He asked ministers to accelerate the projects to speed up the nation’s economic recovery.Jokowi ordered the acceleration of programs that could fuel the economy, such as the land certification program, the transmigration land legalization program and the social forestry program. “I would like to ensure that these programs continue as planned,” he said.Topics : The agency, which is responsible for the reimbursement of state-owned companies for land acquired in strategic national projects, has paid Rp 22.24 trillion to toll road operator PT Jasa Marga, Rp 11.88 trillion to construction company PT Waskita Karya and Rp 6.35 trillion to construction firm PT Hutama Karya.Basuki said the agency had procured land worth a total of Rp 4.38 trillion from March 16 to June 24 – during the coronavirus pandemic. He said the agency would continue to reimburse funds to help companies endure depressed toll road traffic.The government has said it will continue the development of strategic national projects during the COVID-19 health crisis with the addition of 89 projects with an estimated investment value of Rp 1.42 quadrillion.Coordinating Economic Affairs Minister Airlangga Hartarto said recently that the new projects were an addition to the existing 223 strategic national projects and were expected to employ about 4 million additional workers each year from 2020 to 2024. The Finance Ministry’s State Asset Management Agency (LMAN) has reimbursed Rp 53.3 trillion (US$3.76 billion) owed to state-owned companies for land acquisition in 77 strategic national projects, including toll roads and irrigation systems, as of June 24.The agency paid Rp 47.7 trillion for land acquisition in 40 toll road projects, Rp 3.5 trillion for 25 dam projects, Rp 1.3 trillion for seven railway projects and Rp 539 billion for a port project, LMAN president director Basuki Purwadi said on Friday.“The government’s commitment to build infrastructure will continue as it does not only boost economic growth but also creates jobs and connects regions,” Basuki told reporters in an online press briefing, adding that the government was hoping to improve the reimbursement process.last_img read more