George RR Martin Has a New Story Coming Out

first_img It’s not Winds of Winter news, but George R.R. Martin did announce another story set in the land of Westeros, and it’s coming soon.The author of the Song of Ice and Fire series announced that a short story that covers a crucial time in Westerosi history will be featured in The Book of Swords, an anthology edited by Gardner Dozois set to be released on Oct. 10.Martin shared the news on his Livejournal, while also expanded on the history of the story, which, like most of Martin’s works, originated in a writing sprint that got out of control.The story, called “Sons of the Dragon,” will chronicle the second and third Targaryen kings. If you’re an avid fan of Martin’s details, then you’ll know that this is Aenys I and Maegor the Cruel. Aenys had a very short reign before he died under mysterious circumstances and was replaced by his younger half-brother who, as you can tell by the title, was not a great person.“Those of you who enjoyed “The Princess and the Queen” in DANGEROUS WOMEN and “The Rogue Prince” in ROGUES will probably like this one too. It’s water from the same well,” he wrote. “A history rather than a traditional narrative. A lot of telling, only a little showing. (The opposite of what I do in my novels). But if you’re fascinated by the politics of Westeros, as many of my readers seem to be, you should enjoy it.”Martin said he came up with the story while putting together content for The World of Ice & Fire. It was one of the historical “sidebars” that were supposed to be in the book, but in typical Martin fashion, he got carried away with the word count.“Actually, I got rather carried away, until I found I had written 350,000 words of sidebars for a book that was supposed to have only 50,000 words of text (it ended up having a lot more that that, actually),” he wrote. So many stories were pulled, including the one that’ll make up “The Sons of the Dragon.”So for those waiting on the sixth book in the main series, Martin didn’t take a break to write this one. That one is still coming (with the possibility it’ll be out later this year, although he’s not so sure either).Spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well for Maegor. Courtesy HBOEither way, Game of Thrones fans should enjoy it, rather than getting hung up on an immense fantasy tome that’ll take some time to hit bookstore shelves. I’d rather have a polished product than a rushed one, so Martin can take all the time he needs.But there are so many stories to tell in this universe. The expansive–and I mean expansive–history of Westeros and Essos is sometimes more interesting than what is going on in the main narrative. Martin has done a fantastic job also making the history just as important as the present day in the Song of Ice and Fire series. There is so much history, and a lot of it had an impact on current events. Why is Daenerys in exile? That’s due to a coup against her father, the Mad King Aerys II. The long and complicated legacy of House Targaryen is all a set up for Daenerys’ internal conflicts and why it was important to get them off the throne.The show doesn’t make as much of a fuss about it as the books, which have the space to jump back and forth in time and to provide exposition. Later seasons have made an effort to introduce some of the more important aspects of Westerosi history, but it’s tough to parse in a television setting.But the characters are bound by their legacies and the relatives that came before them. Reading into centuries of history isn’t just memorizing facts in Song of Ice and Fire. It’s extra story material. Fans of Martin’s series will take all they can get.So basically, if you’ve been waiting for Winds of Winter, why not check out this anthology, which will have Martin’s story and many others? Also, maybe just let him write the damn book. Stay on target ‘Game of Thrones’ Director Explains Why Arya Ambushed the Night King’Game of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner Predicts Sansa Stark’s Future last_img read more