NYU Professor to Get Camera Implanted in Back of Head

first_imgThere will be no more student chatter behind Wafaa Bilal’s back while he’steaching. The NYU assistant professor visiting from Iraqplans to undergo surgery to have small camera implanted in his head. Theproject would broadcast a live stream of classroom to a meseum in Qatar.Bilal plans to have surgery to implant the camera in thenext year. The camera will stream still images at a rate of one-per-minute. Thesurgery will create a piercing onto which the camera (thumbnail-sized,according to The Wall Street Journal) can be attached.The project has been deemed “The 3rd I.” The museumdescribes it as “a comment on the inaccessibility of time, and theinability to capture memory, and experience.”AdChoices广告last_img read more