Why Oatmeal Is the Best Breakfast For Weight Loss

first_img Share Sharing is caring! Share If you’re looking to lose weight, it’s time to skip the cold cereal and start enjoying a comforting bowl of oatmeal in the morning.It’s backed by science: A small study found that those who ate oatmeal daily for six weeks had a greater decrease in cholesterol levels and waist size than those who ate the same amount of carbs in noodles over the same time period.It’s proof that you can have your carbs and eat them, too!It keeps you satisfied: There’s no need to reach for an unhealthy convenience snack in the morning when you’ve got oatmeal on your side; it offers the calories and fiber you need to stay satisfied all morning long. Unlike sugary breakfast cereals full of refined carbs, the body digests oatmeal at a slower pace, keeping blood sugar levels steady, energy up, and hunger away.It helps you time carbs right: When it comes to weight loss, celebrity trainers Bob Harper and Gunnar Peterson agree: you should eat carbs for breakfast. According to Manhattan-based nutritionist and registered dietitian Shira Lenchewski, “[carbs] are burned more efficiently in the morning than at night,” so they don’t go unused and get stored as fat in the body. Shira also recommends that the largest meal (higher in carbohydrates) be breakfast.It’s quick to come together: Rolled oats take well under 10 minutes from prep to bowl. It might be a little more time than that instant packet you’re used too, but these varieties don’t come with any added sugars often found in those flavored packets. Or there’s always the option to go with overnight oats that require just a little prep the night before and are ready to eat from the fridge the next morning.The possibilities are endless: This warming breakfast should never feel boring or blah. Liven up your oatmeal bowl with these healthy combinations that keep your meal feeling fresh, filling, and satisfying to your taste buds, too.MSNhealth.com Sharecenter_img 556 Views   no discussions Food & DiningHealthLifestyle Why Oatmeal Is the Best Breakfast For Weight Loss by: MSNhealth.com – March 16, 2015 Tweetlast_img read more

Fan engagement platform Quarterback raises $2.5m in investment

first_imgEsports fan engagement platform Quarterback has raised $2.3m (£1.7m) in seed funding by the likes of BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, Crest Capital Ventures, Deep Space Ventures, UpWest Labs and angel investors. This funding will be used for ‘further development of the platform and to accelerate the company’s growth on a global scale’.Quarterback’s release states it will ‘enable gaming content creators like streamers and professional players to engage directly with their audiences by creating their own personal fan-club gaming leagues’. These leagues will reportedly operate 24/7 and players will have access to in-game daily challenges, giveaways and worldwide competitions.Quarterback will monitor influencers and create challenges for viewers based on their most recent activities. For example: the platform will analyse fans’ performance in real-time and offer customised goals based on their current capabilities, pushing them to improve. Fans can also participate in group challenges to rival the score of a club’s leader. These features will all appear as an overlay on top of a game without the need for integration, enabling fans to interact without any interruptions.Quarterback, CEO Jonathan Weinberg said: “With a large continuous increase in viewership and popularity, online gameplay video content makers, streamers, and professional players are looking at new ways to engage with their communities and generate revenue. Our platform allows the influencer to directly engage with their fans to create increased community involvement and a new revenue stream even while they are offline.”BITKRAFT Esports Ventures Founding Partner Jens Hilgers commented on their investment in Quarterback: “Most streamers and pros struggle to monetise their fan-base and lose touch with their audience when the fans break-away to play their own games. Quarterback solves this problem in a unique way by helping streamers become an integral part of their fans game-play.”This collection of investors are no stranger to esports as they hold investments in names like XSplit, Esports One, Optic Gaming, Infinite Esports and Entertainment and Ateyo.Quarterback is available to download now and primarily works with League of Legends.Esports Insider says: This new platform seems promising as content creators are always looking for ways to not only capitalise on their viewers but engage with them regularly. With this sizable investment, the Quarterback team now has the potential to impact content creator engagement as we know it.last_img read more