Hotels and camps will have the advantage of obtaining a concession on the maritime domain

first_imgIn the future, tourist houses, ie owners of hotels and camps will have the right to a beach concession on request, ie an advantage in obtaining a concession on a maritime domain, if their facilities have an infrastructural connection outside the settlement, to the beach where they want to place their deck chairs, umbrellas and other facilities. which in turn will be prescribed by plans for the use of maritime property in their counties or local self-government units (LGUs).Both counties and local self-government units will earn two percent more money from concessions than now, 35 percent each, while 20 percent will go to the state budget and 10 percent to the new Maritime Property Fund that will be established. The boundaries of the maritime domain, which have not yet been determined, will be determined by the county offices, and the procedure of legalization of facilities on the maritime domain that are in accordance with the spatial plans will be initiated, and the rest will be removed, writes Business diary. These are all novelties from the proposal of three laws in the process of reforming maritime legislation, the Law on Port Authorities, which is already in parliamentary procedure, the Law on Amendments to the Maritime Code and the Law on Maritime Property and Seaports, which should be passed by the end of the year.The objectives of the reform are to increase the competitiveness of the maritime economy, the digitalisation of the maritime system, raising the level of safety of navigation and protection of the sea, and the effective management of maritime assets. Due to the fact that, by the nature of things, it is difficult to reconcile numerous interests of the public and private sector, the new Law on Maritime Property Croatia has been waiting for eight years, which is why many investments are pending, and there is chaos and frequent misuse of maritime property. in the non-proprietary model.The new law stipulates that the use of the beach will be determined by local self-government units in the maritime domain management plan, and they will give approvals for smaller interventions (umbrellas, deck chairs) or concessions for larger interventions, all with public tenders, with the exception of tourist company. Camps that stretch along long beaches will only be able to get one part of the beach on request, and the rest will go to tender. In addition, on each beach one part will be without any activity, “for towels”.Both counties and local self-government units will have the obligation to maintain beaches, both regular and extraordinary, and the state will intervene through the fund in cases of major works. Considering that a total of around HRK 150 million is collected annually from concessions on maritime property outside the port, the Maritime Property Fund should have around HRK 15 million at its disposal annually.In order to strengthen the cooperation of all stakeholders (state, county, local self-government), representatives of all levels will sit on the commissions for the award of concessions, regardless of who announces the tender.last_img read more

First Victory of Young B&H Basketball Players at Tournament in Germany

first_imgThe junior B&H basketball team had its first victory at the tournament  “Albert Schweitzer”, the unofficial world championship in the German city of Mannheim.After losing to Spain and Italy in the first two rounds of the tournament, the young B&H basketball players beat China with 81:75.Rijad Smajlović had 20 points and four rebounds, and Edin Atić scored 19 points and four assists. Yanhao Zhao for China had 29 points, three rebounds and three assists.With the game against China, the B&H team finished its appearance in the group phase of the competition.(Source: Fena)last_img read more