News story: Precious Cells International: information for donors, creditors and employees

first_img BOC UK and Ireland Cryobank previously held samples on behalf of Precious Cells International but closed its UK Cryobank facility on 15 December 2019, moving all samples to Future Health Technologies BOC will continue to act as the point of contact for Precious Cells International Limited’s clients going forward. Contact via [email protected] On Friday 23 November 2018, a winding up order was made against Precious Cells International (company number 07210233), a private tissue bank concerned with storing cord blood samples.The court appointed the Official Receiver as the liquidator.Information for donorsStorage facilities continue to safely store cord blood samples since Precious Cells International entered into administration on 28 March 2018 and the Official Receiver is engaging with them to ensure they continue to do so in the liquidation period.The Official Receiver is still working to recover the company’s records and is working with donors to help access their samples.Accessing your sampleEach cord blood sample has a unique code, beginning with ‘PCI’ and you will need to know your code to help the storage facility locate your sample.If your code falls between PCI000004 and PCI004880, you will need to contact: Future Health Technologies Limited, 10 Faraday Building, Nottingham Science & Technology Park, University Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2QP Information for Pharmacells donorsPharmacells is a separate company registered and based in Scotland and not under the Official Receiver’s jurisdiction. If you have contracted Pharmacells Limited to store your cord blood samples, the company was dissolved on 5 July 2019 after going into Administration on 13 April 2018.We do hold the records of the company’s donors, for those who wish to collect them.Information for Precious Cells International employeesFormer staff working for Precious Cells International were made redundant during the administration.If you have specific enquiries about your redundancy payments, contact CCW Recovery Solutions on 01892 700200 or via [email protected] worried about their pension situation can ring The Pension Advisory Service (TPAS) on 0800 011 3797 for free and impartial guidance and JobCentre Plus is ready to support any employee find new employment.Information for creditorsTo register as a creditor you will need to complete a Proof of Debt form and email this to the Official Receiver via [email protected] you have registered and the Official Receiver receives your proof of debt form they will add you to the list of creditors and include you on future correspondence about the case.This page is being regularly updatedAs the liquidation proceeds we will continue to update this page. Please check back regularly for updates. PCI reference date the sample was taken Name of the donor Insolvency Service helpline 0300 678 0015 For information about the insolvency process contact the Insolvency Service helpline. The helpline is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 3pm on Friday. We can give you information about processes administered or regulated by the Insolvency Service. This includes bankruptcy, debt relief orders and company liquidations.We cannot give you: legal or financial advice, information on specific insolvency cases, information or advice about other government departments or information about redundancy payments. If you are contacting about an existing bankruptcy or compulsory company liquidation case, use our ‘contact an official receiver’ guidance. If your donor sample number is issued after PCI004881, you will need to contact Biovault Technical Ltd: Plymouth International Medical & Technology Park, 24 Brest Road, Derriford, Plymouth, PL6 5XP; Tel: 01752 753723If you cannot locate your samples please email the Official Receiver via [email protected] with the following details: Contact form http://www.insolvencyd… Insolvency Service helplinelast_img read more