VIDEO Mountain Man Sammy Scaff almost got his face ripped off by

first_imgThere have been many boxers that have put together better careers than Mike Tyson, but none was more dominant at their peak than Iron Mike. Before he derailed he skyrocketed to the top of the heavyweight division and won the title at 20 years old.Among the trail of bodies Tyson left in his wake were some all-time tomato cans, including ‘Mountain Man’ Sammy Scaff. Scaff had the unfortunate luck of running into a 19-year-old Tyson in 1985 and whoever sanctioned the fight should probably be in prison.Scaff looks like he should be doing security detail, not fighting Tyson, and he just gets plowed. Mike turns Scaff’s face into a pile of bloody hamburger meat in about 30 seconds before the fight eventually gets called. At one point, the announcer asks if Tyson partially tore Scaff’s nose off his face.Good god vintage Mike Tyson was a monster.Throwback: Michael Jordan losing a game of one-on-one to a 45-year-old mutual fund CEO at his 2003 fantasy camp is an all-time upsetlast_img read more