Thunderbolt to Beat Out USB 30

first_imgAt last, Intel’s wish may come true. There are reports that the Thunderbolt technology might cut off the USB 3.0, before the USB update even takes off. Or at least that is what some people are guessing. Despite that Intel has been mocked for the Thunderbolt, Intel has stood beside it. Unlike Apple who used FireWire in the past, which later flopped, it appears to have a strong fan base. More companies appear to be looking into adopting it, as we reported last week. No word on why some experts are claiming that the Thunderbolt will beat out the widely used USB’s next generation. AdChoices广告No study has been released, nor has the USB 3.0 officially been rolled out. However, one of Thunderbolts strong points is that it supports both USB, FireWire, and, many of the other common ports used today. Via TG Dailylast_img read more