Grand Theft Auto Online cash cards will cost between 3 and 20

first_imgRockstar has now confirmed that purchasing in-game cash with real money is a feature of Grand Theft Auto Online. The developer has reassured gamers that the game has been balanced so as never to require you to purchase GTA$, but the option is there for “instant gratification” and to get you where you want to be quicker.But how much is it going to cost to purchase cash in the game?We know that Rockstar has made four cash cards available offering to increase your cash total by $100,00, $200,000, $500,000, or $1,250,000. Now someone with early access to the online world has revealed the pricing for purchasing those cards.The prices were revealed in British Pounds, but we’ve converted them to the most likely US Dollar equivalents:Red Shark Cash Card ($100,000) – £1.99 ($3)Tiger Shark Cash Card ($200,000) – £3.49 ($5)Bull Shark Cash Card ($500,000) – £6.99 ($10)Great White Shark Cash Card ($1,250,000) – £13.49 ($20)The larger the card, the cheaper the GTA$ will be, which will likely encourage players to spend $20 and get a larger lump of cash to play with. That also makes it more enticing to spend more to get ahead.Before GTA V players start getting worried about how much stuff costs, be aware that GTA Online pricing is apparently very different to that currently used in GTA V. Everything big is much cheaper online, for example, a $1 million car in GTA V is $150,000 in GTA Online. The most expensive property you can purchase is only $400,000. However, smaller items are more expensive, including weapons.I guess the logic in switching the pricing around for GTA Online is that it’s much easier for a player to accept spending a little more on a cheaper item than it is a lot on expensive, larger purchases. While at the same time, players are much more likely to purchase cheaper/smaller items more regularly, and therefore end up spending more money in the long run.last_img read more