Shanghai dragon how to prevent out of control to cater to the search engine and user experience of d

mentioned an important purpose is to make Shanghai dragon web page structure for search engine spiders to crawl and crawl. Good internal link structure are included and assign weights to web page, and vice versa. The spider is in accordance with the link to crawl the entire site, so at this point, the anchor text links to anchor text is particularly important, to a certain extent tell it along the links down what content to grab. At the same time, any direction would cause the website structure is not clear, easy to cause the bad phenomenon of Shanghai dragon link bombs. read more

Common black hat Shanghai dragon cheating you know how much

black hat Shanghai dragon is what we call the Shanghai dragon cheating, although the search engine on the black hat Shanghai dragon hit never stopped, and very tough, but still has its existence value of the black hat Shanghai Longfeng operation practices, is still popular in some industries and some Shanghai dragon strategy.

6. to buy the old domain or domain name weight. The old domain name and domain name transaction weight PR value is still hot in China, many transactions are based on the Shanghai dragon. read more