The website chain forms

in general can be divided into three categories: pure text outside the chain, with super chain URL outside the chain, the anchor text chain. The general site has the URL of the website will be love Shanghai included, but these chain’s effect is different.

anchor text link refers to hyperlinks with keyword. This is a lot to do good keywords ranking. But it is not easy to do the anchor text, many forums can be released now, anchor text links, said to the webmaster to cherish resource on your hand gently, don’t be a title. read more

The new search engine in terms of method summary

the 6 step finished, the website included rate basically will be greatly improved, today I analyzed the web log, the number and the number of web crawling sitemap.xml love Shanghai and noble baby in the basic agreement, the extra page is just the two day of the new article.

4, the above 3 steps are the site map work, the fourth step is to each big search engine submission site, this step is very simple, the site generally know.

, the website set up successfully, a new sitemap.xml file in the root directory, which should be strictly in accordance with the XML code to write, contains the website home page, cover page, list page, the article page. If the content is too much, you can automatically generate module to upload a site map (there are a lot of network, we can find their own), if you do not mind can also be a sitemap.xml file to add. read more

How to avoid the webmaster site is down the right approach and love Shanghai

webmaster base come to tell you about a few points to avoid the site is down right;

1. every day to publish original articles, now the webmaster is very lazy, almost have been used to copy and paste, website to find a few good direct copy and paste, issued over, thinks he is very clever for a pseudo original, pseudo original really useful? Although directly copy and paste a lot better. But if your site is all for the original article, believe that far away from the right down time is not much, to tell you is that the base station, anyway, if you really want to do the site must adhere to the release of several original articles every day, not too much, 5-6 on the line; read more

Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon prompted the search do not believe the Shanghai dragon’s theory and ca

love Shanghai in the search box, display the warning, like never appeared before. I tested a number of Shanghai dragon search related words, did not appear this warning, don’t know why you love Shanghai in Shanghai Longfeng page this warning

today, an enthusiastic response to the station, A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng department, love Shanghai search: Shanghai dragon, appeared to love Shanghai warning. Love Shanghai suggested as follows:

A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng Department: "Shanghai dragon" keyword competition, it has long been argued, "Shanghai dragon" keyword value is extremely high, if love can row in the first page of Shanghai, can bring millions of annual revenue, resulting in a lot of websites using informal means of provocation to love Shanghai algorithm. Brush "Shanghai dragon" ranking. Shanghai’s love began to get angry, how to modify the algorithm of angry?? serious cheating sites down the right hair read more

On Optimization of Shanghai dragon caused from the Japanese earthquake event

2 source code, there is no error

4, the website map (the spider love) "

3, the title title, there is no cheating behavior of

in addition to Japan itself in the outbreak of the long geological volcano outside the region, but also perennial often engage in some of the so-called "military exercises". In the course of time and is constantly being accumulated the nature of human destruction, some nuclear development to experiment, through continuous cumulative, is the cause of the earthquake, I think we will not deny? Webmasters may not understand why I say the earthquake in Japan, so I came to the site and for this to combination examples, then to summarize and imagine the consequences. read more

Wangzhuan zero cost shop month 50000 is how to achieveAli cloud and ginkgo Valley capital prepared

was founded on the intention of the joint investment fund, ginkgo Valley capital President Chen Xiangming said: "as established by the famous entrepreneur in cross-border investment platform, ginkgo Valley capital optimistic about cloud computing, big data in the future, we hope that in the next 3-5 years, to help more young people into the field and aliyun entrepreneurship, to train the next generation of" unicorn "."

This is not

, today there is such a case. To my desktop, I caught my attention, sell a tutorial, this tutorial in many Wangzhuan station and some Wangzhuan tutorial can find a few dollars, not even money can be downloaded to the teaching process suddenly, by the seller within the next 30 days to 30 yuan plus a sold 1868 copies, however, is a revenue of 56070 yuan, and the net profit, no cost, no need of logistics, is really too shocked. read more

n 2013 the owners should be how to send the chain

in the second, the chain platform of choice, should change from the past to find a platform for the selection of platform. In 2013, the platform can not see the hair piled on the platform, in fact many considering their own interests gradually heightening the threshold of the link. From the new, scarce platform should be the key consideration of the Commissioner of the chain, each platform should also be the most suitable for their own. The platform can be a large number of people outside the chain you rush on like a swarm of hornets best not to join in the fun, to avoid being caught love Shanghai. Find the platform should start from two directions: one is to find some people did not find the platform, that is not how many people to send the chain platform, so it is you outside of the chain has unique characteristics; two is to develop some suitable platform, such as upgrades, gather > read more

You touch it eight wrong understanding of Shanghai dragon

error: 3 to

2016 has been in the past 4 months, the Shanghai dragon has undergone great changes. Recently with some friends about the Shanghai dragon, mainly exchanged views on some of the Shanghai dragon, found that there are a lot of people of Shanghai Longfeng understanding there are many wrong. If the mistake is not timely corrected, it is difficult to go on the road in Shanghai dragon! Next according to the observation of the author’s experience, finishing the easy mistake of eight Shanghai Longfeng, here is a read more

The new station is not for search engines ignore the impression of

5, buy the chain: this method is actually very good, to the first row, but because of the need to spend money, so it is still placed in the last. The ancients said: "to persuade people to pay, like a blunt knife flesh". But if you have economic.

4, I have some old station: This is not very practical, so in the fourth row. Because some friends don’t have, if any, may the weight is not high is not timely, the effect will be discounted, and the old station chain railway station, although for the new station is good, but for the old station is not good, a little feeling that. However, if the old station in a long time, you collect timely, if high weight, add a new link not only greatly benefit to new sites, but also will not influence your old station. read more

Noble baby adjust search results further integration of social information

Facebook and Twitter is a threat to the noble baby, because they do not allow Google search engine through their service to grab photos, links and comments. This is a problem for Google, because if the system is not the expression of people on their very important thing, in order to combine these preferences in the search results, the search engine will become less useful.

, the Internet search leader hope eventually can fully understand each user, in order to modify the search results according to the unique interests of each individual search. Different people began to see more different search results, these results include Google released from 6 months of social service + nobility baby input content. read more