The use of vaccines in Shandong province without the problem

at present, the Shandong vaccine incident caused social concern. March 23rd, Ma Yongcheng, deputy director of the Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention on the relevant issues of concern to the masses of our province, accepted the reporter’s interview, and did a solution.

Ma Yongcheng Road, Shandong vaccine events in the news media reports, in order to ensure the safe and effective use of the vaccine in our province, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission attaches great importance to take immediate measures in March 20th arrangements for the Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention issued "on the province’s emergency investigation" Shandong vaccine "notice". As of March 21st 10, investigation work has been completed, I had no problem in Shandong province within the purchase and use of vaccines. read more

The first cultural tourist attractions located in the north of the city

Tourism culture development only through the meridians, only the development of tourism culture is rooted in the pulse, in order to better integrate, tourism and cultural tourism departments of the provinces in recent years, a lot of effort in carefully crafted cultural tourist attractions, but also attracted a lot of tourists outside the province. Recently, the province’s first cultural and tourist attractions fusion demonstration area (attractions) settled in the north of the city, to build a cultural tourism in the north to add wings. read more

Xining Haidong vegetable production and marketing cooperation framework agreement signed by the prov

July 23rd, Xining Haidong vegetable production and marketing cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony was held in Xining. Xining Municipal People’s government and Haidong Municipal People’s government signed the vegetable production and marketing cooperation framework agreement, Xining agribusiness company signed cooperation agreements and the east sea vegetables three vegetable production and marketing major. The signing of the agreement will play an important role in realizing the goal of ensuring supply, stabilizing prices and serving the whole province in Xining, and also marks an important step in the development of the enclave economy in Xining. read more

Xining City Health Bureau to carry out medical institutions Juzhu safe hospital to create activities

Create a

for the good work of our city in 2010 "green hospital", according to the arrangement of "implementation plan" activities to create safe hospital health bureau of Xining city in 2010, the Bureau of safe hospital to create activities coordination group held on October 18, 2010 to 19 units of his safe hospital to create work carried out evaluation and acceptance.
the evaluation work in strict accordance with the "Xining City Health Bureau safe hospital to create assessment criteria", take listening to the reports, check the account information, checks the relevant project contents and on-site investigation, leaders of the 5 hospitals safe hospital to create work carried out examination. Assessment contents include the establishment of a leading group to create safe hospital, create clear mechanism, formulate fire prevention measures, strengthen key instrument, equipment, drugs, medical waste, hospital management, fire emergency plan, fire facilities, internal safety management, accident prevention, medical disputes, medical disputes and safety management, legal publicity, in accordance with the law of heat industry, comprehensive management, reward and punishment system etc.. In order to create activities through the development of "safe hospital, strengthen the hospital security ability, improve the quality of medical services, prevention of various types of conflicts and disputes, to combat malicious disrupt the behavior of medical order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of both doctors and patients, maintain normal medical order, building a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, to promote the healthy development of medical and health services.
by evaluation in detail, the board hospital established the leading group to create safe hospital, to develop the implementation plan, the center and the functional department signed a liability form, make a clear division of labor, concerted efforts; at the same time to strengthen the interaction between management and public security, urban management, industry and commerce, environmental protection etc. the Department of health, hospital, remediation of surrounding environment noise, ensure the smooth road, to create a good environment for medical treatment. Through the efforts of a few months has been completed a large number of specific work, establish and improve the accounting information, security system and security work long-term mechanism. Study on the evaluation results of the coordination group to create
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The most popular part time entrepreneurial ideas

now the young people working hard all the time in the way to make money, to find part-time is certainly one of them, and it also has a lot of extra money, easy money, what are the most popular part-time, let’s take a look!

if you willing to do a steady income of small white-collar workers, may wish to try part-time. Currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities, white-collar workers to do part-time is a common phenomenon. What to do part-time part-time jobs? Or, according to his ability, the opportunity to decide. However, no matter what kind of part-time, can exercise ability, accumulate experience, but also accumulated a certain amount of money, and save time, don’t give up the job, just to make up for the short board to white-collar entrepreneurs, can shoot two hawks with one arrow. read more

This winter 110 thousand birds fly to Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake scenic area protection and Utilization Management Bureau recently launched the first winter waterfowl monitoring inspections ended, monitoring records show, currently gathered in Qinghai Lake in 34, 2 species of Raptor waterfowl, birds number more than 114350, winter birds swan is speeding up to Qinghai Lake, now number more than 700.

waterfowl monitoring epidemic "barrier" set up

it is reported that the timely monitoring of community information master Anatidae, helps to clear its position and role in the wetland ecosystem, but also conducive to bird resources protection and utilization, but also provide a scientific basis for the Qinghai Lake wild birds epidemic disease monitoring work. Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Management Bureau to carry out the protection and utilization of the inspection work, conscientiously do a good job of basic natural resources and environmental protection work, summer time each month once every two months of winter amphibious inspections, a land survey for the inspections, waterfowl and Przewalski’s Gazelle habitat and vegetation biomass. The lake waterfowl monitoring inspection recently launched, opened the prelude to the winter lake patrol work.

the Qinghai Lake lake has begun the early freezing phenomenon, always on the move transfer whooper swans wintering birds and dancing singing Qinghai Lake tour in autumn and winter. Thousands of miles of ice, snow birds, a different kind of style, so that visitors experience another memorable mood Qinghai Lake.
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Provincial Standing Committee meeting held

1 10, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng chaired the Standing Committee meeting, conscientiously study and implement the eighteen session of the seventh plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the regulations of the party work conference and the National Conference on propaganda minister, my province to implement the views; listen to the provincial government, the provincial court Party Party group, the provincial procuratorate party annual report of 2017 ten people’s livelihood; deployment things. read more

Xining City north of the city held 2012 Fun Food Culture Tourism Festival

in order to further accelerate the integration of culture and tourism development process, to further display the beautiful countryside and simple folk, traditional delicacy, rich summer mining public leisure life and promotion of rural tourism’s unique charm, July 28th, north of the city of Xining district held the theme of "cool summer, the charming village" 2012 Township Cultural Tourism Festival delicacy.

the delicacy Culture Tourism Festival is mainly to thoroughly implement the development of tourism and cultural integration, the large Baoziwan area into the Qinghai rural tourism model and urban leisure agriculture demonstration area, and promote rural area north of the city of beautiful scenery and simple folk, so long farming culture and rural popular photography exhibition, evoke memories and held. Through the activities of people happy to spend leisure time in the summer enjoy the cool, taste local delicacy, so that more tourists and the public to enjoy the summer Seongbuk rustic charm, feel the party’s policy to the change of village and new rural construction achievements. read more

Provincial Party committee the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Su Ning visit condole

9 10 on the afternoon of the bridge, the town of small stone hill community office filled with a festive atmosphere. The provincial Party committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Su Ning comrades in the Municipal Committee, Datong county Party secretary Comrade Yan Shujiang and Datong County deputy magistrate Li Shiying, County Civil Affairs Bureau Chen Mingcai, Qiaotou town Party Secretary Chen Yongqin and other leaders accompanied by cordial sympathy of the twelfth generation of the party, their small mountain community party branch secretary Comrade Zhou Yanfen. read more

Spring Festival holiday in Xining is not now heavily polluted weather seven days a good number of da

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued a proposal to promote the public to put less or no fireworks, a low-carbon, healthy spring festival. So, this year’s Spring Festival holiday during the fireworks on the air quality? Air quality in the end how? Reporters learned from the Ministry of environmental protection monitoring data, the Spring Festival holiday seven days, Xining air quality is good for 4 days, 2 days of mild pollution, moderate pollution for 1 days, there is no serious pollution weather.

fireworks was on air pollution

pollution peak in the first month is a

from the peak concentration of pollution in Xining this year, new year’s Eve night peak time and pollution concentration appeared the same as last year, but the peak concentration is higher than last year. Is the beginning of the two to sixth month (February 9th to February 13th), with the reduction of fireworks, air quality continues to improve, the air quality index in February 13th is close to the optimal level, which is rare in previous years.  
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