13 residents escape from NOC

first_imgThirteen juveniles of the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) are on the run after they reportedly escaped from the correctional institution at some time between Thursday evening and Friday morning.New Opportunity CorpsAccording to information received, 10 of the residents escaped on Thursday, and the other three escaped on Friday.The residents had completed some chores in the compound of the facility, after which they started to run towards the western side of the premises, which is not fenced. This area is lined by some bushes which lead to the backlands.The search is ongoing for a 15-year-old female of Vigilance village, ECD, who is serving 18 months for simple larceny; a 16-year-old girl of Bartica, who is serving two years for wandering; another 16-year-old girl of La Parfaite Harmonie, who is serving three years for wandering; a 15-year-old male, Mei of the Essequibo Coast, who is serving one year for simple larceny; a 16-year-old female of Number 10 Village, WCB, who is serving two years for wandering; a 16-year-old male of New Amsterdam, who is serving 21 months for attempting to escape from custody; a 16-year-old male of Buxton, serving a three-year sentence for possession of a firearm; a 16-year-old boy of Tucville, who is serving 22 months for wandering; a 17-year-old girl of Mahdia, who is serving two years for wandering; and A 17-year-old boy of Lethem, serving 15 months for burglary.This publication understands that the administrator, Mark Dover, and other staffers have already conducted a search, but the youths could not be located.Meanwhile, on Friday at about 04:40h, three others also escaped from the correctional facility. They have been identified as a 15-year-old male of Lethem, a 17-year-old girl of Number Five Village, West Coast Berbice, and a teenage boy of Berbice.The Social Cohesion Ministry has launched an investigation into the incidents, to determine if standard operating procedures (SOPs) were followed, and whether the staff had colluded with the residents to facilitate their escape.The Police have since placed several road blocks along the main access road on the Essequibo Coast in an attempt to recapture the residents.In June, four female residents escaped from the holding centre after the main gate of the dormitory had been left open.Back in 2017, oversight of the NOC’s operations were shifted from the Education Ministry to the Social Protection Ministry, to provide a stable ground for the youths to adapt to society after leaving the institution. Youths between the ages of 10 and 18 are placed at this correctional institution for petty offences, such as wandering, minor assault and theft.last_img

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