The novice website often wrong way

. However, when the site is not a novice, reflected in action. For example, some beginners do not know there are many good places for free space. The first is the stability of the site. Free space does not have a good stability, there is only a pure space. Other elements of this space does not have, even at any time will be recovered. We can’t trust website here. Because here is not safe, and prone to collapse. So, every moment in the site faces might disappear. If you are using this free stuff, we must be careful. Before you do, novice to do to pay the psychological preparation. In order to save some money, we have to use no guarantee of space. There is no guarantee, people lose a sense of security. Beginners always see a free space to use immediately, without considering the consequences. When bad things happen, is a bolt from the blue. The effort quietly disappeared. In the end, a white. In a word, do not use the free space, otherwise serious consequences.


We all know the truth to

: the first cheap heart, the use of free space

second: opportunistic, overcollection

is now the young people want to make life through the website of the first pot of gold. However, they ignore the efforts behind. Any success is hidden in the sweat. Everyone after carving out to shine. The ordinary people in the heart silently imagining a brilliant. For a novice, making mistakes is inevitable. But, as a novice, those mistakes are some wrong websites people often make? I see a lot of wrote about this experience in the Internet, conducted a summary. I hope to help you.

the Internet is a great resource sharing platform. We can find the resources you want on the Internet at any time. However, we must think about whether the value and use of these resources. These resources have been used by many people, no one knows. The novice website in order to save time and effort, simply directly in someone else’s website copy. This approach seriously damages the rights of others and violated the original rights. Novice website without their original content, and search engine hate collection content. For the long-term development of the website, it is best to write their own new things. Only write, will it be possible to get more harvest. If your website content is through the acquisition, then the user will put off your website directly. Because the content of the website is not belong to your own website, but others. Users are browsing on the website every day, the ability to distinguish more and more strong, it is difficult to deceive them. In particular, your website is the content of the others, there may be blacklisted, is impossible to find your site in the search engine. The novice is not willing to see this result. Better to write their own. So, overcollection, is in the rush into danger.

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