PostDoc in Dr. Hanping Feng’s Lab, Department of MIcrobial Pathogenesis

first_imgTwo Postdoc/Research Associate positions on therapeutic antibodyscreening/engineering and live vector-based delivery.Therapeutic antibodies are proven to be highly effective againsthuman diseases. Feng lab is working on the development of novelbi/multi-specific antibodies for treating infectious diseases andimmune disorders. The lab is also developing live vector-baseddelivery of therapeutic antibodies. Candidates should have deepunderstanding as well as skill sets on antibody libraryconstruction, sequence and diversity analyses, assay development,and expertise related to antibody biological and biophysicalcharacterization. Candidates who have research experience in yeastgenetics and engineering are also encouraged to apply. Please sendyour CV, along with contacts of three references to Dr. HanpingFeng ( [email protected]).Qualifications :Candidates should have deep understanding as well as skill sets onantibody library construction, sequence and diversity analyses,assay development, and expertise related to antibody biological andbiophysical characterization. Candidates who have researchexperience in yeast genetics and engineering are also encouraged toapply.last_img

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