Lebanese antigovernment protesters scuffle with army

first_imgLebanese army soldiers stand guard as supporters of Christian politician Michel Aoun chant slogans and hold flags of the Free Patriotic Movement, during a demonstration near the government headquarters in downtown Beirut, Lebanon, Thursday, July 9, 2015. Lebanese supporters of Aoun later clashed with the troops who were blocking them from reaching the prime ministry where a cabinet session is underway. (AP Photo/Bilal Hussein) Sponsored Stories Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Top Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Mesa family survives lightning strike to home BEIRUT (AP) — Dozens of Lebanese supporters of a Christian politician scuffled on Thursday with troops who blocked them from reaching the government building in downtown Beirut where a Cabinet session was underway.Leader of the Free Patriotic Movement Michel Aoun had called for the demonstrations following a dispute over security appointments in the government.Aoun, a former army commander, insists that the government should make the appointments a priority while government officials have said only regular items would be on the agenda. The meeting ended later with an agreement to postpone the discussion until July 23. Earlier, Lebanese soldiers beat back dozens of protesters with batons as they tried to break a security barrier, triggering hours-long skirmishes at the entrance to the posh Beirut souks in the downtown. The army said seven soldiers were being treated for various injuries while the FPM, Aoun’s party, said that around 17 protesters were hurt.Lebanon has been without a president since May 2014 and Aoun has accused Prime Minister Tammam Salam of taking advantage of the presidential vacuum and running the country as if he were president.Lebanon is the only country in the Arab world with a unique power-sharing system under which the president must be a Maronite Christian, the prime minister a Sunni Muslim and the parliament speaker a Shiite Muslim.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes 5 treatments for adult scoliosislast_img read more

Pettalia measure ensures access to government

first_img Categories: News 11Feb Pettalia measure ensures access to government Northern Michigan Caucus working together so technology advances  don’t leave rural residents behindState Rep. Peter Pettalia introduced a resolution Tuesday to remind Gov. Rick Snyder and state department leaders that while electronic documents and computerization can be efficient and less expensive for conducting business, not all state residents are prepared to go paperless.House Resolution 14 urges all Michigan executive departments to provide paper options for residents to submit government forms and documents. The resolution is co-sponsored by all of the House lawmakers in the bipartisan Northern Michigan Caucus – Reps. Bruce Rendon, R-Lake City; Scott Dianda, D-Calumet; Triston Cole, R-Mancelona; Ed McBroom, R-Vulcan; John Kivela, R-Marquette; Ray Franz, R-Onekama; Phil Potvin, R-Cadillac; Jon Bumstead, R-Newaygo; Joel Johnson, R-Clare; Lee Chatfield, R-Levering; and Larry Inman, R-Williamsburg  – which Pettalia chairs.“Michigan, the federal government and even many local governments are modernizing their services with electronic-based information systems, and while that may provide better efficiency, reduced processing times and lower overhead costs, we still have residents without access to, or knowledge of, the necessary technology,” said Pettalia, R-Presque Isle. “In addition to the people who don’t have high-speed Internet service available in their area, places where it is available can come at a substantial cost, which can create more barriers between citizens and their government.”He pointed to two of Michigan’s biggest cities, Detroit and Grand Rapids, as locations where 90 percent of households have computers but only 75 to 80 percent have high speed internet available.Pettalia offered another example of the need for a paper option that he heard from local residents about was when the federal government completed its transition of paper-based program payments, such as Social Security and veterans benefits, to electronic deposits.“People figured it out and got used to it, however, we need to ensure at the state level there is simple, affordable access for everyone at all times in all places,” he said.HR 14 has been assigned to the House Government Operations Committee for consideration.last_img read more

Emma Watson Pushes UN Campaign to End Gender Discrimination

first_imgShare2Tweet17ShareEmail19 Shares September 22, 2014; Washington PostThis past Saturday, Emma Watson delivered a powerful speech to the United Nations confronting the issue of gender inequity and a world that is still willfully complicit in discrimination. The speech comes in the midst of the NFL domestic violence scandals and President Barack Obama’s “It’s On Us” campaign, which NPQ readers may also be following.As a goodwill ambassador for UN Women, Watson launched the HeForShe campaign at the UN summit in a speech geared toward dispelling misconceptions about feminism and engaging men to recognize how detrimental gender discrimination can be not only to women, but to men as well.“Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong,” said Watson in her address. “It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals…. We can all be freer, and this is what HeForShe is about.”The message comes at an auspicious time, just a day after the Obama administration initiated the “It’s On Us” campaign against sexual assault on college campuses. It, too, targets men and encourages them to avoid the pitfalls of the bystander effect. Efforts by nonprofits such as Men Can Stop Rape have already been underway to create allies in men to speak up when a friend is trying to take advantage of an intoxicated woman and stop gender-bashing comments.In our modern world today, not only do women contend with emotional, physical, and mental abuse, but they are now also made to bear digital abuse as well. Take the world’s reactions to the recent nude photograph hacking scandal involving several female celebrities, like Jennifer Lawrence and, most recently, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, among others. There was much discussion in the media of how women are sexualized in ways where men would absolutely not receive the same treatment. Others went on to blame the women for taking the private pictures in the first place.In truth, the heart of this abuse is gender discrimination, because the media would not react in the same manner if a male celebrity’s privacy were violated, as some have already noted. When Dylan Sprouse’s nude photos surfaced, the outrage was directed at his being a former star on the Disney Channel, rather than that he posed for the picture for an ex-girlfriend. Prince Harry’s photos from Las Vegas two years ago were quickly laughed off as a royal joke.However, as Watson observed, we must be very careful that our discussions of violence against women do not devolve into “man-hating” and that we are cognizant of the related problems faced by men:“Men, I would like to give this opportunity to extend your formal invitation. Gender equality is your issue, too. Because to date, I’ve seen my father’s role as a parent being valued less by society…. I’ve seen young men suffering from mental illness, unable to ask for help for fear it would make them less of a man. In fact, in the UK, suicide is the biggest killer of men between 20 to 49, eclipsing road accidents, cancer and heart disease. I’ve seen men fragile and insecure by what constitutes male success. Men don’t have the benefits of equality, either.”Rather, the important (and perhaps game-changing) takeaway from Watson’s speech, the recent happenings in the NFL, the celebrity photo scandal and the White House campaign, is that gender discrimination is a losing war for both women and men. Finding equal footing among genders is going to take a combined effort and, as noted by Watson, the HeForShe campaign is such a collaboration.—Shafaq HasanShare2Tweet17ShareEmail19 Shareslast_img read more

Pope Extends Capacity for Priests to Forgive Abortion

first_imgShare6TweetShareEmail6 SharesPope Francis / TheTurduckenNovember 21, 2016; CNNLast year, NPQ reported on the “Holy Year of Mercy” proclaimed by Pope Francis, devoting special attention to his decision to allow all priests to hear confessions and offer relief from excommunication to women who had “committed the sin of procured abortions.” Until late last year, such authority was limited to bishops or, at a bishop’s discretion, priests specially trained and designated by each diocese around the world. Excommunication literally means the separation of an individual from communication or communion with the church. It does not remove one’s status as a Catholic; it simply means one is basically in exile from the church and may not participate in many Catholic sacraments and rituals.As the Extraordinary Jubilee year came to a close on November 20th, the pope announced on Monday that the authority would be extended indefinitely. Francis is emphatic that this should in no way be interpreted as a change in viewpoint about abortion: “I wish to restate as firmly as I can that abortion is a grave sin, since it puts an end to an innocent life.”The change that Francis asserts and emphasizes comes in the next sentence: “In the same way, however, I can and must state that there is no sin that God’s mercy cannot reach and wipe away when it finds a repentant heart seeking to be reconciled with the Father.”This extension of priestly authority and these viewpoints on abortion are both consistent with the pope’s previous statements reported by NPQ that “I like to use the image of the field hospital: Some people are very much injured and are waiting for us to heal their wounds.”The 14-page papal letter, Misericordia et Misera, or “Mercy with Misery,” is a phrase from the works of St. Augustine summing up the biblical story of the adulterous woman brought before Jesus in John 8:1-11: “Two are left, misery and mercy.” For the truly penitent soul that is in misery and seeking mercy, Francis’s letter means that healing relief through readmission to the church and the Catholic community (lifting of excommunication) will continue to be made available through a local priest rather that from a remote and (usually) unknown bishop.—Michael WylandShare6TweetShareEmail6 Shareslast_img read more

Colorado Says It Wants to Be the Delaware of Employee Ownership

first_imgShare65Tweet23ShareEmail88 Shares March 22, 2019; Denver PostDemocratic Colorado Governor Jared Polis “is taking action on one of his top economic development priorities—promoting employee ownership of businesses and companies in the state,” reports Aldo Svaldi in the Denver Post. Polis, Svaldi notes, when he was in the US House of Representatives, was a member of the Cooperative Business Caucus.” Svaldi adds that Polis has “long supported shared-ownership models.”Specifically, the Polis administration is putting together an Employee Ownership Center within the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, according to executive director Betsy Markey. The center, Markey says, will work with law firms and accountants to simplify the process and reduce costs associated with converting to an employee-owned model.“It is a way to help businesses that want to be employed owned,” Markey said of the new center.John Kovacs, program analyst for the state’s Employee Ownership initiative, asserted, “We are looking to make Colorado the Delaware of employee ownership.” Delaware, for the uninitiated, is the state where a majority of US-based publicly traded companies and more than three in five Fortune 500 companies are incorporated.As NPQ noted, two years ago, after a campaign led by the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center, Colorado’s legislature passed HB17-1214, which sets up a revolving loan program to help finance transitions to employee ownership. This fund, notes Svaldi, “can provide up to $10,000 towards the cost of accounting and legal services involved with forming an ESOP” [employee stock ownership plan company].Colorado, like many communities across the country, is seeking to prepare for the threat of what has been widely labeled a “silver tsunami” of small business closures as Baby Boomers retire. As Svaldi reports, as “Baby Boomers move deeper into their golden years, many are finding that their children and family don’t want to take over. Willing buyers can be hard to find, especially in parts of the state that aren’t seeing growth.”“This could be a game changer in rural Colorado,” said Tara Marshall, a member of the Economic Development Commission’s board of directors, which oversees the office Markey leads. Marshall, whose day job involves serving as the director of community development for the small town (population 8,000) of Trinidad, located nearly 200 miles to the south of Denver, told Svaldi about a family-owned dry cleaner that had closed after the owner failed to find a buyer. According to Marshall, seven people lost their jobs, and now the nearest dry cleaner is 87 miles away. A transition plan that would have enabled workers to buy out the owner and keep the dry cleaner open would have been a better solution for the community, Marshall explained.—Steve DubbShare65Tweet23ShareEmail88 Shareslast_img read more

Some three million French homes or 107 of the t

first_imgSome three million French homes, or 10.7% of the total, were equipped with connected TVs at the end of the first quarter, up 40% on the previous quarter, according to research by Médiamétrie.Médiamétrie’s study found that close to 1% of households envisaged acquiring a connected screen in the next six months and 4%, or close to a further million homes, envisaged buying one over the next two years.The total number of devices with screens in each home now averages 6.2, according to Médiamétrie. Some 63% of homes with smart TVs are equipped with several other screens, versus 50% of homes without smart TVs. Homes with children are more likely to acquire a smart TV than homes without.last_img read more

Mediaset vicechairman Piersilvio Berlusconi confi

first_imgMediaset vice-chairman Piersilvio Berlusconi confirmed that the Italian media company had received interest from international operators in its pay TV business yesterday.Berlusconi told a shareholders meeting that Mediaset did not want to sell the business and that no binding agreement had been signed. However, he said that the company takes a favourable view of an industrial partnership to develop Mediaset Premium and Mediaset’s 22% stake in Spain’s Digital+.Berlusconi said that he hoped a deal could be finalised by June. However said Mediaset placed a higher value on the Premium business than that given by analysts recently.Berlusconi said that Mediaset could pay for a share of Serie A football rights from the cash generated by the pay TV platform and that the company did not need to seek external capital for this.Berlusconi also told shareholders that Mediaset had no further plans to cut costs, despite uncertainty about the Italian advertising market.last_img read more

Scottish commercial broadcaster STV has been award

first_imgScottish commercial broadcaster STV has been awarded local licences to deliver services in Aberdeen, Ayr and Dundee by Ofcom. STV plans to deliver all three services in partnership with educational institutions to provide media students with the opportunity to learn and train in a live TV environment.The broadcaster will work with Robert Gordon University and North East Scotland College in Aberdeen, the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) in Ayr, and Abertay University and Dundee and Angus College in Dundee.STV will deliver local news and current affairs content for all three services.Bobby Hain, director of channels at STV, said: “STV is committed to delivering local content for viewers in Scotland and the award today of three additional TV licences will serve to complement our existing STV family of broadcast, online and mobile services.  Local TV is a long term commitment for STV and we look forward to working with our education partners in Aberdeen, Ayr and Dundee to deliver these new services.”last_img read more

The BBC said that it received more iPlayer program

first_imgThe BBC said that it received more iPlayer programme requests in the week from December 26 to January 1 than during any other week in the history of the catch-up service.Announcing iPlayer stats for the festive period, the BBC said that during the week of New Year, 69.3 million programme requests were made.December was also the BBC iPlayer’s best ever month, with 281 million programme requests logged, according to internal BBC figures.By device type, connected TVs continued to be the most popular device for watching BBC iPlayer content, growing 7% on 2015 to reach a weekly average of 7.48 million unique browsers in December. Tablets came next at 4.19 million, followed by mobiles at 3.6 million, and computers 3.55 million.The BBC also reported a “big surge” in live viewing on the iPlayer on New Year’s Eve with mobile viewing driving an 80% spike at around midnight.For the period 20 December – 2 January, the most popular programmes by series were Eastenders, followed by Mrs Brown’s Boys, Outnumbered, Sherlock and Call The Midwife.“Christmas is always a popular time for people to watch programmes on BBC iPlayer, but it’s fantastic to have had our best ever week in our best ever month over the festive season,” said head of BBC iPlayer, Dan Taylor-Watt.last_img read more

Google is rolling out an update to its Google Expe

first_imgGoogle is rolling out an update to its Google Expeditions app on Android in a bid to extend take the experience outside of the classroom.A new ‘solo mode’ for the app will allow anybody to explore more than 600 different tours on their own.Previously the app, which first launched two years ago, was designed to be a classroom educational tool to help students to see and experience the world in new ways, visit university campuses, and gain exposure to new career paths.“During this time, we’ve heard from students, teachers, and even our friends, that they’d love to explore and learn from Expeditions outside the classroom,” said Google software engineer, Jiabei Lei.“Self-Guided Expeditions let anyone explore anywhere. Students can go on tours at home and share the experience with their family. Teachers can assign tours as homework to complement in-class work.”The Android Google Expeditions app is compatible with Google Cardboard and the company’s newer VR platform, Daydream. Google said that a version of the Expeditions app will also be out soon for iOS devices.last_img read more

The ability of virtual reality to remove distracti

first_imgThe ability of virtual reality to remove distractions and enable viewers to enjoy an immersive cinema-like experience was one of the key benefits experienced by participant in a BBC research programme on the technology, but key problems must be overcome – notably, a range of issues concerning VR headsets, difficulties with the user interface and sub-par experiences.The BBC teamed up with Ipsos Connect to conduct in-depth research into how audiences interacted with and reacted to VR, kicking off with research that involved asking participants to use VR headsets over a three-months period.Participants were drawn to a relatively limited range of experiences including horror stories, rollercoasters and other extreme experiences.They appreciated experiences that allowed them to “walk in someone else’s shoes” or to experience something they “wouldn’t normally do”, such as skydiving, as well as to learn new things.According to a blog posting by Tim Fiennes, senior market analyst, audiences at the BBC, participants particularly appreciated the removal of distractions, including when watching 2D widescreen content in a ‘virtual cinema’. This included watching long-form scripted content from mainstream video-on-demand providers as well as music videos.“We know from broader media behaviour research that audiences will tend to seek out the best screen available when watching long-form video; however, whether a virtual big screen counts ‘as the best screen available’ given the resolution challenges devices currently have is questionable – it would certainly appear the largest though,” said Fiennes.“Our emerging hypothesis is that headsets provide audiences with a rare opportunity to engage with content utterly free from distraction. The rise of the smartphone being rarely away from one’s side means that it can often be challenging for audiences to be fully immersed in any kind of activity.”According to Fiennes, successful VR experiences were those that involved a clear narrative journey, those that made the most of technical possibilities of the medium, and those that gave participants time to process and understand what was happening around them.The study found that major challenges nevertheless stand in the way of VR emerging as a mass entertainment medium. The use of headsets emerged as a major barrier. Participants were alienated by having to find and set up the headset, by being isolated when using it and by finding it awkward to use while seated and having to turn their heads around.Even when a headset was used, participants found navigating between apps and finding content frustrating and difficult, the study found. One key lesson, said Fiennes, was that audiences “need to exposed to content they might not automatically choose to expand their range of tastes in VR”.The study also found that participants experience playout problems, overheating handsets and poor resolution due to variable WiFi speeds.Fiennes warned that VR could experience a “trough of disillusionment” similar that of 3DTV unless concerns are addressed. He said there is a need for consistency and open standards to ensure a “frictionless user experience”, and a need to better understand audience perceptions rather than focus on what the technology can achieve.last_img read more

Liberty Global beat expectations by delivering its

first_imgLiberty Global beat expectations by delivering its strongest quarterly revenue growth in close to five years for the three months to March. However, the international cable group saw a sharp slowing down in its subscriber acquisition growth despite its well-publicised network build-out programme.Rebased revenue was up 4.2% to US$1.156 billion thanks to strong growth in Germany – the unit the company is planning to sell to Vodafone – and the UK. Rebased revenue was down slightly in Belgium, Switzerland and Austria, but up in all other markets, led by the UK and Ireland, which saw growth of 5.2%, enhancing its place as Liberty’s biggest single market, accounting for over 40% of revenues.Operating income was up 17.5% to US$493.1 million, and operating cash-flow increased by 4.7%, the company’s best result since 2014. The company posted a deepening net loss of US$1.186 million for the quarter, up from US$326 million last year.On the downside, Liberty added only 66,000 revenue-generating units in Q1, a 73% decline in its growth for the prior year period. The company lost 84,000 video customers in the quarter, up from losses of 15,100 in Q1 2017. It gained 78,300 broadband customers, down from the 154,400 gained last year, and 71,800 voice customers, down from 105,000. Liberty added 52,000 mobile customers in the quarter, withy 101,000 contract subscriber additions being offset by the loss of pre-paid customers.Customer additions were down sharply across all markets, except central and eastern Europe, where growth was in line with Q1 2017. Liberty Global saw increased net RGU losses in Switzerland and Austria, and Belgium, where it said it was hit by intense competition in the market.Liberty did manage to add 201,000 subscribers to its various advanced TV platforms – Horizon TV, Horizon Lite, TiVo, Virgin TV V6 and Yelo TV – taking its advanced TV base to 45% of its total fixed cable video base.The company’s advanced WiFi gateway, the Connect box, was taken by an additional 800,000 customers in Q1, taking its installed base to close to 7.3 million or 48% of the overall broadband base.last_img read more


first_imgShareTweet COUNTDOWN UNDER WAY FOR DERRY’S FOYLE PRIDE PARADE was last modified: August 25th, 2016 by John2John2 Tags: COUNTDOWN UNDER WAY FOR DERRY’S FOYLE PRIDE PARADEJD SAMSONRAINBOW PROJECT JD Samson will also be in town.For a fantastic set from the leader of MEN and member of Le Tigre come along for the madness that will be the after party after a week of some serious festivities – 8pm The Glassworks – £8 presale / £10 on the door (available at Culturlann Ui Chanain.Other events taking place as part of Foyle Pride are:Thursday 25th August:Overgrow the System – The Rainbow Project secret garden – 12-3pm – FREE ENTRY & PRE-REGISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL (maeve@rainbow-project.org)A Chaotic Embrace – 4.30pm – Warehouse No1 Bistro and Cafe – FREE ENTRYWe Won’t Wait: The fight for marriage equality – 6.30pm @ City Hotel – FREE ENTRYFriday 26th August:Back with a bang Football vs Homophobia Foyle Pride – 2pm @ Bishop’s Field – £1 per player (contact maeve@rainbow-project.org)Coming from Belfast ‘Lip Sync for your drink’ hosted by Misty Falls – 8.30pm @ Sandinos Back Room – £5 entrySunday 28th August:LGBTQ+ Inclusive Service with the Reverend Chris Hudson & LGBT female choir Northern Lights – 12pm @ Playhouse DerryPride BBQ – 3pm @ Café Soul – £3 per burger / hotdog/ veg optioncenter_img PREPARATIONS are well under way for the biggest festival in Derry’s calendar.The festival, which runs from 20th-28th August, culminates with the annual parade this weekend.The main parade takes place this Saturday, August 27 It departs from Waterside Train Station in Duke Street at 2 pm and will make its way to the Guildhall Square by its usual route.The parade will be followed by family friendly entertainment on our Main Stage at The Guildhall Square.Entertainment will be provided by Encore Contemporary Choir, Susie Blue and Fireworks DDTA.After the parade is a BBQ and family fun area warehouse No1 Bistro and Cafe, Sandinos Bar and Cafe Soul (£5 entry for Cafe Soul).last_img read more

A Derry man has been released from custody after c

first_img A Derry man has been released from custody after charges against him, in connection with an arson at a stable yard in Inishowen, were dropped.‘Several hundred thousand euro’ worth of damage was caused to Lenamore Stables in Muff on November 4 last following an arson attack on the property.Two horses, a pedigree showjumping horse worth more than €100,000, were killed in the blaze as well as damage being caused to the stables and a horse transporter destroyed. ShareTweet Gerard Given, of Circular Road in Derry, was charged with making threats to the owner of the stables, Ms Geraldine Graham on October 15th last that he would damage her property.27-year-old Given was being held at Castlerea Prison, but the Director of Public Prosectution (DPP) has directed that all charges against him are to be withdrawn.Given appeared at Letterkenny District Court via videolink for a brief hearing.After hearing the verdict, Given said: “Thank you very much.”center_img As he rose from his seat, a jubilant ‘yes!’ was audible from Given.A woman in her 20s, who works at the stables, was hurt and was treated for burns and smoke inhalation.Those who arrived on the scene managed to save five other horses from the blaze.A 31-year-old mother-of-three, Julie McCartney, of Ashmore House in Derry, is charged with theft, trespassing and arson at the stables.McCartney, who appeared briefly via video link from Castlerea, will be before Buncrana District Court on January 10.Man released as ‘threat’ charges dropped following arson on stables was last modified: January 8th, 2019 by Chris McNultyChris McNultySports writer from St Johnston, now based in Letterkenny, with ten years’ experience covering sport in Donegal. Was a nominee for NUJ Sports Journalist of the Year in 2010. Honoured by the Donegal Boxing Board in 2016 for his coverage on the sport.last_img read more


first_imgShareTweet DERRY City and Strabane District Council is seeking the views of the public to proposals for the annual Halloween celebrations in Strabane to be held on a weekend date.The rationale behind the proposal is to maximise the opportunities that exist to grow and enhance the celebrations in the town and allow more flexibility to attract world-class performances.Council is of the view that a fixed weekend date for the Halloween celebrations in Strabane would allow festival organisers to attract world-class animation and activities and maximise the opportunities for programming activity. The Council believes that it will also allow the business community and the local voluntary and community sector to develop their offering and reap the economic benefits a weekend festival would bring.A spokesperson explained: “A weekend Halloween celebration in Strabane will allow for more flexibility and creativity for programming and could see the inclusion of large-scale world-class animation performances such as Saurus, a giant four-piece dinosaur-like beasts that are planned for this year’s celebrations.”The Council has been in discussions with the Strabane Town Forum and the Business Improvement District about the proposals and is now seeking feedback from the public as part of a public consultation process.The spokesperson for Council, encouraging the public to have their say and give their feedback on the consultation, said it was important to hear the views of the local community. She said: “Halloween is a hugely important and significant celebration for our Council area and we are really keen to enhance and build on our offering in Strabane. “We believe that by hosting it on a weekend date we can make it bigger and better for everyone by enhancing the programme offering and getting more organisations involved.“We hope that the weekend date will also benefit families and those with children so they can make the most of the Halloween holidays with activities for them to enjoy and participate in during the weekend.”Details of the Halloween programme have yet to be announced and details are currently being finalised with a formal launch to take place over the summer following the conclusion of the consultation process.The public can take part in the consultation by taking part in the survey that asks them to respond Yes or No to a question – Do you think the Strabane Halloween Celebrations should move to a weekend date? The consultation period is open until 17 June and can be availed of via the following link – https://haveyoursay.derrystrabane.com/mkt/strabane-halloween/Public asked for views on Strabane Halloween celebrations proposal was last modified: May 21st, 2019 by John2John2 Tags: Derry and Strabane CouncilDinosaurPublic asked for views on Strabane Halloween celebrations proposalSauruslast_img read more

They are already being run by recognised charitie

first_img“They are already being run by recognised charities who are doing sterling work helping thousands of homeless people and victims of domestic violence. A simple online search would have established that. “They are helping people who struggle to maintain personal hygiene because of their circumstances and who often find their confidence, self-esteem, and wellbeing suffer as a result.“I would like to thank all those people who have come forward offering help. “It’s very much appreciated and shows the true compassionate and charitable nature of our city.“If people want to launch political attacks, they should direct it at the Tories whose policies are driving people into homelessness and poverty, not charities and those trying to help support them,” added Cllr Duffy.Duffy expresses shock at online abuse over “beauty banks” appeal was last modified: December 19th, 2018 by John2John2 Tags: ShareTweet “It’s very clear that many of those commenting hadn’t even read the article in full.“To make matters worse, I was contacted by a number people who simply couldn’t believe that several elected representatives became part of this commentary in their haste to attack me.“As part of a lengthy interview around the whole issue of period poverty I spoke about also helping beauty banks and the positive impact that can have in communities.“Beauty banks are not my proposal. beauty banksCOUNCILLOR SANDRA DUFFYDuffy expresses shock at online abuse over “beauty banks” appealSinn Fein SINN Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy who has works for the homeless charity First Housing, has expressed shock at the online abuse directed at her for supporting the work of charities who operate ‘beauty banks’.Beauty banks take donations of period products, personal hygiene products as well as cosmetics helping the homeless and victims of domestic violence.Councillor Sandra Duffy said: “I was quite shocked at some of the hurtful, misogynistic online comments made about an interview I gave to the Journal about the concept of so-called ‘beauty banks’. last_img read more


first_img Pinterest Mail BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- The 14th annual Friends Of Coal Auto Fair was a success for two local charities. This year the event was able to raise just under 71,000 dollars and all the money will go to Hospice of Southern West Virginia and the Humane Society of Raleigh County. Daniella Hankey Previous PostBeckley Turnpike Widening Roads to Prosperity Project Awarded This years events brought nearly 4,000 people into the weekend event. Twitter Every year the auto fair is held in the third weekend in July, but in 2019 the show will be moved up a week to July 12-13 in order to accomomodate the international Jamboree!center_img Local NewsNewsWatchTop Stories $70,903.62 raised during Friends Of Coal Auto Fair By Daniella HankeyAug 30, 2018, 08:05 am 478 0 Facebook Home NewsWatch Local News $70,903.62 raised during Friends Of Coal Auto Fair Next PostMcCain’s 106-year-old mom to attend his Washington services Tumblr Linkedin Google+last_img read more


first_img Mail Matt Digby Matt Digby is the Sports Director at WOAY-TV. He joined the station in January 2015 – right in the middle of Big Atlantic Classic Week. Read More Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Google+ Beckley, WV (WOAY) – Here are highlights and final scores from local high school boys basketball.First Love: 76Bluefield: 68Virginia Episcopal: 77Woodrow Wilson: 60Westside: 82Tug Valley: 79Wyoming East: 85Pikeview: 49Greenbrier East: 65Scott: 62Meadow Bridge: 49Valley: 37Nicholas County: 51Charleston Catholic: 39Webster County: 88Midland Trail: 63 Linkedin Previous PostSaturday Nights Powerball At $384 Million Tumblrcenter_img Twitter Pinterest SportsSports News High School Basketball Highlights: Battle for the Armory By Matt DigbyDec 30, 2017, 00:00 am 1255 0 Next PostGov. Justice declares state of emergency for state’s detention and correctional facilities Home Sports News Sports High School Basketball Highlights: Battle for the Armory Facebooklast_img read more


first_img Pinterest Previous PostTamarack Evacuated Due To Possible Gas Leak High SchoolSportsSports News Championship Week for Beckley Summer League By Matt DigbyJul 17, 2019, 00:22 am 335 0 Linkedin Mail Next PostMarshall Picked to Win C-USA East Facebook Google+ Tumblr Twitter Beckley, WV (WOAY) – The Beckley Summer League crowned champions for its five divisions this week, including two contests on Tuesday night.In the high school varsity division, Woodrow Wilson and Wyoming East played a back-and-forth matchup, with the Flying Eagles making plays in the second half to win 71-60. Richard Law & McQuade Canada were the leading scorers for their respective teams.Also on Tuesday was the Knights Division championship, with Team Bluefield facing Team Mitchell, whose roster included Woodrow Wilson alumni such as Isaiah Francis, Ty Walton, and Nequan Carrington. Team Mitchell established a big lead in the first half, but Team Bluefield would rally to keep it a close game for the remainder of the night, going on to win 96-88 in overtime. Home Sports News High School Championship Week for Beckley Summer League Matt Digby Matt Digby is the Sports Director at WOAY-TV. He joined the station in January 2015 – right in the middle of Big Atlantic Classic Week. Read Morelast_img read more

Dear Reader David Galland here dropping in to

first_imgDear Reader, David Galland here, dropping in to introduce a new columnist for Friday’s Daily Dispatch. I am doing so because I’m largely responsible for signing him up, which I did for one simple reason: I love the way he thinks. His name is Paul Rosenberg, and he knows a lot about a lot of things. While I had heard of him before and even read one of his books, I hadn’t met him or thought of allying with him until a fellow resident here at La Estancia de Cafayate proposed him as a speaker at one of the Casey Research events held here biannually. As Paul was interested in how Doug Casey’s vision of what a community of freedom-loving individuals living the good life in a remote, wine-producing valley in the Argentine outback was going, he agreed to make the journey. Listening to his erudite presentation on the earliest trade routes of mankind and what they tell us about the unhealthy and largely unnecessary relationship now existing between people and the rulers of nation-states, the idea came to me that this was someone our readers need to hear from. And so it was, over dinner with Doug and Paul at the Grace Hotel on the property here at La Estancia, that the ground was laid for Paul to begin writing the Friday edition of the Daily Dispatch. A few words about his background. First and foremost, Paul is a thinker, which I define as someone who habitually looks past the dancing-dog headlines dominating today’s news and digs deep into issues that actually matter. He doesn’t just turn over a trowel or two in pursuit of greater enlightenment, but attacks his work with a backhoe, trenching into history, philosophy, engineering, mathematics, the world’s religions, sociology, psychology, physics, and any number of other areas of human activity. That’s because Paul is a polymath in the purest sense of the word, defined as “a person of great and varied learning.” He has written over 60 books, including a series of engineering books and the one that first caught my eye, the controversially titled God Wants You Dead. Other titles include A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, The Words of the Founders, and Production Versus Plunder. In addition, he is a cofounder of the Fiber Optics Association (and wrote the first ever standard for the installation of fiber optic cables in buildings) as well as the founder of Cryptohippie, a specialized provider of communications privacy software. For reasons I believe you’ll come to understand in the weeks ahead, the people I know who read Paul count themselves as determined fans. I asked one such fan—the same resident who recommended we have him as a guest speaker at the Casey Research event here—to write a few words describing why he thought so highly of Paul… Paul understands human history and how institutions and individual will has influenced it. He is an optimist who knows how to infect others with optimism through his writing. Using historical references, he shows readers how to avoid having their lives squeezed into a pattern of systems defined by others. He believes that the courage to act based on our intuition and individual judgment can free us from becoming a victim of self-aggrandizing and abusive power structures. Paul’s writing is definitely not for everyone, although I wish it were. For me, it is invigorating. I have no idea what Paul is going to be writing about in his Friday missives—this week it’s about the relationship between central banks and democracy—but given his many interests, it could be about literally anything. Whatever it is, however, I expect it will be well worth your time. Before signing off and heading down to the clubhouse for lunch with friends, I’d like to mention a couple of dates you’ll want to take note of: The Casey Research Thriving in a Crisis Economy Summit in San Antonio—September 19-21. Paul Rosenberg will be among a blue-ribbon faculty addressing today’s most pressing economic and investment issues. In addition to doing a lot of serious work over the three intensive days of the Summit, we’ll also have some fun in a variety of social events, including a VIP tour of the Alamo, where I personally hope to tag along with Paul and hear his perspective. Registrations are going fast. For the complete itinerary and to lock in the best registration fee available, click here. Doug Casey’s Estancia Experience—November 7-12. Join Doug Casey, other members of the community, and me here at La Estancia de Cafayate for a weeklong celebration of life at its best. We’ll be enjoying great meals at the Grace Hotel and clubhouse, relaxing at the spa, visiting several of the best winemakers in Cafayate (including a private tour and “sundowner” at the spectacular Piattelli bodega), sharing meals on the quaint plaza, horseback riding to a private estancia for a full-blown Argentine asado, playing some golf, participating in an investment conference, and much, much more. For an itinerary and more details on this extraordinary opportunity to experience the good life in Cafayate, drop an email to experience@laest.com. Space is extremely limited, so be sure to write sooner rather than later. See you here!last_img read more