The analysis of the three sites in the fruit shop

now more and more college students embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial fruit shop has become a lot of people’s investment direction. In fact, open a fruit shop seems simple, but really want to do a good business to make money is not so simple, the correct location is the first step to open a shop. Here to start the business of fruit shop location elements do the following analysis, I hope to be able to help practitioners.

venture to open a fruit shop location: supermarket shops (shopping malls, supermarkets stalls) read more

Small entrepreneurs how to choose

the benefits of big, small is also a small convenient, small entrepreneurs should cherish their entrepreneurial opportunities, less money to spend wisely, pay attention to the cost of the location, but not because of the cost and tie their hands.

1, see whether or not the landlord. There are a lot of so-called landlord actually is the two tenant sublet, earn the difference in the middle. This house is easy to cause disputes, for example: housing who has clearly will rent to the middleman landlord, the landlord did not pay middleman landlord. Therefore, the housing must let the landlord to produce real evidence. If the person is just the middleman landlord should adhere to, direct contract with the big east, rather than paying middleman landlord "transfer fee". read more

2015 nternet plus innovation and entrepreneurship festival will be opened in Hainan

in this era of entrepreneurship, must not leave the topic of the internet. The Internet spawned a number of emerging industries, but also led to the transformation of traditional industries, in this change and development, the birth of numerous opportunities for development and entrepreneurship.

to create a strong atmosphere of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship, promote multi docking venture and financial capital, to help outstanding entrepreneurial projects and entrepreneurial team landing, promote the development of the Internet industry in Hainan, the Provincial Department of industry, Haikou municipal government, Chengmai county government will be held on December 16th -31 2015 Hainan "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship festival. read more

ntroduction to the development trend of China’s future Buffet

form of foreign countries China buffet, for Chinese people this simple kind of nature, to cater to the consumer supply buffet. Buffet market operations have been very impressive.

buffet, sometimes called a buffet, it is a kind of informal banquet the international, is in large-scale business activities. It is the specific practice is not prepared meals, diners at the time of their own choice of food, drink, and then stand or sit, free to eat with others or alone. Buffet is called buffet, mainly because it can mobilize the initiative of the meal at the dinner table, their own hands to help themselves, their own arrangements in the context of the selection of dishes. As it has been called the buffet, mainly because it provides food to cold. Of course, appropriate to provide some hot, or provide some semi-finished products to be processed by the diners themselves. read more