Reality version of the game will be cited in the happy farm life

In recent years,

has a game market has been in love, that is the "happy farm", so conversations have also changed, today received a number of dishes. "" I want to collect food to such words appear in people’s lives, then open the farm a reality version of the heart whether feasible?

reality version of "happy farm" will be popular on the network to steal food and organic food planting picking experience combined the virtual network into reality. Happy farm fields are equipped with cameras, we can experience for planting, weeding, watering, insect, picking and tasting and other activities. read more

The five most suitable types of female entrepreneurship in the new era

since the women’s liberation movement, women in social activities is becoming more and more important, which appeared a few years on the list of women entrepreneurs is encouraging women investment boom, women began to fling in entrepreneurial activities. But women have to choose a more suitable industry, then the new era of women’s business is the most suitable for the industry? There are five main categories, please see the details.

A, creative service class

creative imagination, the implementation of the main content of the work of the occupation, the need for free and unfettered creative workers, because in the work place is very flexible, and therefore suitable to family SOHO family planning, including public relations, multimedia design, translation, editing, costume design, advertising, music, photography. read more

Training institutions need to join procedures How to handle

training institutions to join procedures need? How to handle? With the development of the education market, many people have chosen to join the education organization, whether it is what kind of, you need to go through the relevant procedures are a lot, so today, concerning the establishment of training institutions and procedures, to introduce to you a simple introduction of


read more

What are the skills to open bedding store

every day to go home to take a shower to the United States and the United States to sleep a good sleep, how can a less good bedding it? Is to ensure that we can have a good sleep quality premise, bedding is a very common kind of home textile products, but also closely related to our lives, we can not do without a class of products every day. So for consumers, bedding for home life has a very important impact. Open a bedding store has become the choice of many investment entrepreneurs. So what are some of the best skills and methods to learn to succeed? Let’s take a look at it. read more

Teach you how to build their own restaurant franchise features

is now a particular era of innovation, as long as you have a good idea that we are not afraid of no one to give you buy it, the catering business also pay attention to this point, to have its own brand characteristics, which is the key point of your marketing success. Now the importance of the boss to know the restaurant features, but specifically how to do, do not mind spectrum, don’t know what to do to your restaurant is more distinctive, today Xiaobian introduce some good methods.

so-called feature, is not the same, and other food stores than it is not the same, exactly how to do this? The following three methods you can try. read more

Jugged boiling join delicacy irresistible

in folk food, always very popular, loved by consumers. Among them, jugged delicacy is very popular with boiling, join, selection is also very powerful choice. How sweet crock boiled? Delicious business worry free!

crock incense boiling headquarters? It is Ji’nan crock incense boiling hotel management company’s brand, now joined the jugged fast-food boiling more and more investors are chain stores across the country. And jugged fast-food unique steaming boiling process, make food nutrition is completely reserved in food, without any loss, keep the food, juice and flavor. We also launched a "80 seconds" on the meal, "no smoke kitchen", "no chef," the development of Chinese fast food. This is a good solution, and now the crowd on the requirements of fast food. read more

Open a large family of toy rental stores risk

in the current market, as long as we choose to start a business, choose to shop, will bear the risk, which is an unavoidable thing. However, the risk of different entrepreneurial opportunities will naturally be different. For many investors, will naturally choose less risky business opportunities. So, the opening of a large family of toy rental store risk?

investment is not required

for small and medium investors, the biggest temptation is to open a toy rental store investment is relatively small, relatively simple operation. Overall, the amount of investment is mostly between 30 thousand yuan to 60 thousand yuan, much lower than the investment in other industries. read more

Tianjin overseas scholars held special promotion activities

returnees in the past after the students often choose to return to employment, and now returnees who are more creative, many people start their careers from the start of life. Tianjin Binhai New Area held "double zone train" members of the Federation of overseas scholars and special promotion activities, home business direction for overseas students.

12 7, the Central Committee, China Youth Federation, and Alumni Association jointly organized the "2015 overseas scholars Entrepreneurship Week" of the "double special train" members of the Federation and overseas scholars special promotion activities held in Binhai New area. Executive Secretary of the CYL Central Committee, China Youth Federation Chairman He Junke, municipal committee, municipal Party Committee Organization Department Minister Yin Deming attended and spoke. Municipal Committee, party secretary Zong Guoying to attend the activities of Binhai New area. read more