Around the lake today event tomorrow

time: on Tuesday, July 8th, 11:00 game starts, 16:30 game is over.

stage name: mutual aid to West Town, third stage.

race distance: Mutual Aid – the revitalization of Weiyuan Town Road – Yingbin Avenue – Street – West rainbow road -S102- rhyme ieguchi unity bridge – Bayi Road – Ming Xing Road – Kunlun road – Kunlun road – Kunlun Road overpass bridge of Tongren Road overpass – Kunlun Road West -G109- road – a trickle down G109- River – Lake Road – West Town Po West square. read more

Retail sales also need to be guaranteed

some store promotional slogan is very attractive, once the number of shopping or how much to buy a product, there will be what kind of activities or what kind of gifts. However, when the customer really after consumption, activities are limited places, or gifts have been delivered. Such promotions, natural easily lead to resentment of customers, so that people doubt the authenticity of promotions. Therefore, retail sales also need to protect the natural.

retail sales promotion activities, there will always be ignored by the retailers, it is necessary to ensure the quality of gifts or prizes. It is used in retail households in promotion gifts or prizes if this normal goods, quality assurance, can not use those products, the elimination of substandard and shoddy goods to make use of promotions, so the quality can not be guaranteed effectively, but also lose their credibility. read more

Seven snack food practice introduction

boring weekend at home there is no thought to do a fine snack for yourself, meet your taste buds? If you have this idea, but there is no technology does not matter, then the following content is very useful for you. Seven snack food practice introduction. Spend the weekend with you.

a banana milk custard

raw materials: 1 bananas, milk 100ml, eggs, 1.


1, banana peel with spoon pressed into mud.

2, knock into the egg bowl, stir well.

3, to add mashed banana and milk in the egg mixture and mix well together. read more

Ode to joy how to buy a vast market

happy song tide buy paradise? Has always been very popular in our life. Join the song of joy to buy Paradise Paradise project, open a shop of their own brands, in fact, money is so simple!

where wholesale Korean life Home Furnishing activities into their own stock? Afraid of fake, counterfeit, fake Home Furnishing supplies, some suppliers are obviously returned to their own production you said is South Korea’s Home Furnishing products, consumers are not stupid! Just a supplier that is certainly not to purchase, choose Ode to joy purchase tide paradise. Create professional Korean products read more

What is the name of the underwear store attention

now whether it is operating a shop what the premise of nature is a proper name. However, how to name the shop has become a problem. In fact, as long as we are able to pay attention to the relevant matters, to store a suitable name can also be very simple. So, what are the names of the lingerie store attention?

first, the name of the underwear shop should be short and fine.

company, shop name more than three words in the name of its business with the name of the project is not appropriate, such as feel love underwear, underwear, underwear and other lady, even more than three words, is not the best form of phrase. read more

Most Japanese sumo hand died before 400 kg once nicknamed little

was once known as the world’s most important wrestler has died, he is an American City borough, who weigh more than 400 kilograms, or even unable to participate in the sumo competition. At present, the cause of its death and the weight of their dead time has not been reported in the media.

the world’s heaviest sumo wrestler is an American city, he grew up, is a big child. From the age of 6, Manny realized that he and other children are not the same, and small partners to play when the conscious control of their own strength, so as not to hurt them. The giant him, being a completely opposite body with his nickname, called little. read more