They accuse several former FIFA members of accepting bribes to choose Russia and Qatar as host

first_imgLeoz died last summer while in Paraguay under house arrest, even though the United States asked to extradite him. He was previously accused of accepting marketing bribes and broadcasting rights for competitions held between 2006 and 2021.Both Teixeira and Warner, suspended for life, have avoided extradition. For his part, Salguero admitted having been corrupt and is also suspended. Some former executives of the 21st Century Fox They have also been accused of paying South American soccer officials to guarantee broadcasting rights.Almost ten years ago, FIFA chose Russia and Qatar to host the World Cup, but it was not until 2015 when the United States began to act through a raid on Zurich. That scandal ended with Blatter’s resignation. In all, 42 people were charged, of whom 26 pleaded guilty.On the other hand, the accusation does not clarify who is behind these bribes. Pressure can cause FIFA to reopen the investigation. The United States District Court has made a new indictment to uncover another corruption plot that surrounds the world of soccer and is being investigated by the FBI. According to the documents, several former members of the FIFA executive committee “received bribes or bribes in relation to their votes.”The main defendants are Nicolas Leoz, former president of the Conmebol Y Ricardo Teixeira, former president of the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF). Both have been accused of accepting money in exchange for voting for Qatar as the organizer of the world2022 (the emirate won 14-8 in the vote for the United States candidacy).Former FIFA and Concacaf vice-president Jack Warner is also reported to have received £ 4m through a series of shell companies to support Russia’s 2018 bid. Rafael Salguero, a former FIFA member, also reportedly agreed to the bribe to vote for Russia.last_img read more

Raúl García: “I don’t like going through the sites being one more”

first_imgRaúl García (Pamplona, ​​33 years old) is an absolute leader wherever it goes, although it has always managed to avoid excessive focus. ‘Rulo’ marks the ambition of Athletic’s dressing room at the moment. It has reached the recognition he had at Atlético and he hopes to finish his work winning the cup when it arrives.It’s homely, but is a guy like you who loves day to day and spending hours in Lezama a torment being between four walls?Yes. It is a very difficult situation for everyone and I am finding it hard to be between four walls, training and even doing more than when you go to Lezama, because not competing makes you lower the physical level that we had. It is what we have had to live and we try to take it in the best possible way.I said a few days ago that talking about the Cup is selfish, but football is a small escape valve in these times.We talk about a health issue, the priority is that. Our work is not more important than that of any other. Right now there is no need to talk about dates.Do you see a final without people and without Aduriz?I don’t see a final without an audience. I have had to play twice without people and it’s like it’s not soccer. There are players that if everything is postponed they will not be there, but respect for society must be prioritized.What games did you play without an audience?In Turkey, a European match and in the Calderón, in one of the Champions.And what of Adu?I would not like. The Cup has always given us a special illusion and would be the icing on his career. I prefer it because it deserves it and it would be nice for everyone.They decided to lower their wages. A necessary measure.We do not have the obligation to make the reduction, because there is a contract, but we are aware of the situation in which we live. When you put footballers in the bag that they live in a bubble or that kind of comment, I don’t like it, because it’s not true. There will be people like in any other job that do not value things, but it is not just something specific to football. It was an understandable situation in which we all had to shoulder our shoulders and not only for the club, but also for the workers who are in it and the society itself. We need good examples to make people more positive.He usually remarks on the bubble. He doesn’t like public exposure. Nor do you see yourself in the field! In case it is not recognized?Nooo! He who knows me knows that I am very different in the field and outside. I am a very competitive person, I like to win and I don’t like that role of protesting, that label that I have. I am aware of how important day-to-day is, caring for any employee who is with me, the people I have to deal with. I do not live in a bubble, I am lucky and I have sweat it to be able to have a job like the one I have with a remuneration like there is, but I do not live abstracted from all the problems because my family, my friends and close people live it day a day. Were you surprised by questions about whether he was anti-Athletic when he arrived?What about being ‘anti’? It has no logic. A colleague said that in soccer things that are not normal are given normality. Many comments have no basis and are given as true. You have nowhere to catch it. I am a loyal person, regardless of whether they are seeing them or not, I think that is what best defines me.When he arrived, he said that his challenge was to earn the respect that he earned at Atlético. Test passed?Yes, because I feel very important in the locker room and the club. Since I started, it has always been something important that I have had there. I do not like to go through the sites being one more. For that you have to work it out, get out of a comfort situation, which is the most complicated, because many times you don’t want to risk and change because you are well … He came to a club where the requirement was going to be maximum and the confidence he had in what I do impelled me to want to get what I have.He was born to be a leader.I have never liked talking about leaders. I try to contribute what I have and, more so now with the experience I have gained, orient people a little, but that does not mean that you have to do what I think or repeat how I act. Since I started I have considered myself a very mature person, with very clear ideas, and that has made me go down a path in which I think they are bearing good fruit.It will be a reference then of the Sancet and Villalibre. What has been yours?I have paid a lot of attention to Patxi Puñal, I have always said it. It was what I was looking for. A hard-working, involved person who was always there to help the group, never with a bad word. That is what I have lived at home, a family with their work but who was not comfortable to give anything away. That is what I have noticed in my references. You like being around people with the profile of Gurpegui, and learning … Do you like to be stopped on the street? It is a toll that you must pay despite your shyness.Yes of course. Fame and being recognized on the street is the greatest poison in football. There are many examples of footballers with that image and the footballer is labeled, but most of us are oblivious to that. We like people to tell us things when we do things right and we accept that they criticize us when they go wrong, but when you have not lived the situation on this side in which everything you do is judged, that loss of intimacy is not much understood . It is what I like least about football. I like to be congratulated or criticized constructively.You know that some will speak well of you and others badly. What would you say to the latter?I like people who have an opinion contrary to what I think, I love talking to them. It works for me. I’ve never complained about that. We are an easy comment point and that does bother me more.Some put the cry in the sky when he arrived in Bilbao and now there is consensus on the success of the signing.I had no doubt about it. I know how I am, since childhood I have been taught that everything is achieved with effort and sacrifice, and from that base, everything is coming. You may like more or less how I play, but there is no doubt that I put what I have. In the teams I’ve been on, everyone talks about that facet. I do not consider myself more or less than anyone, simply what I have, I put it at the service of the club where I am.center_img Is he an ogre in the field and a saint outside? He knows the border between a supercompetitive player and a dirty one better than anyone.Yes. Neither the bad ones are so bad nor the good ones are so good. If I have been in my career for so many years and have never been expelled for protesting, I would have to think why. I have never hidden that I am a shock player, but I never intend to cross that line, it must be clear.Over the years he controls everything. He even seems to study referees and rivals, how to act and how far he can go with each one.Each referee and each player is in a way and we adapt. I am aware of what I can and cannot do. No referee will tell you that I have been disrespectful, they will tell you that I have been heavy. I know them. They also know how we are.He is a player profile like Costa. If they are in your team you love them and if they are in the opposite team, you hate them.That happens because you give performance and Diego is the same case. The one who does not know it seems that they cannot even see it and when you have the deal that I have with him, it is a piece of bread. Compete and want to win, that is independent.Do you like the role of false nine for being close to the goal?Because I am playing, I must have a respect for my colleagues who do not. Complaining about being there would be unfair in every way. It is not the position where I will feel most comfortable but I am at the command of a coach who demands certain things from me and when he puts me there, I will try to do it in the best way, regardless of whether I think it favors me more or less .The other day Azpilicueta said that he does not lose sight of Osasuna. What does that club have that everyone wants to return? They never close that door. Or do you want to end up in Bilbao?Football when you give an opinion it seems that you have to be against the other. In the three clubs I have been to I have felt super loved and I have tried to give back in the best possible way all the sporting and personal affection they have given me. Osasuna has given me everything. Regardless of whether I am in Athletic, I would not think of speaking badly because I have no reason or sense for looking good here. I am a grateful person and I want Osasuna to do well, whether he is or not. There is no need to talk about withdrawals. If you say that you withdraw here or there it seems that you speak badly on the other side.last_img read more

Sumyk: “Trainers are recyclable products”

first_imgLastly, Sumyk associated how the relationship along with his expupila Pavlyuchenkova, undoubtedly additionally stormy and with sure parallels with Muguruza’s: “I heard in an interview that she did in Russia and it was inappropriate and disrespectful. I feel we labored very nicely, she did an excellent job, the staff received alongside very nicely. As a take a look at, the evening all of us left, she invited us to her house in Indian Wells for a Russian meal. While you don’t be ok with folks, you don’t invite them to your own home. My mission was very clear. In a short while, we had superb outcomes. We are not executed (they broke on the finish of March) however it’s the rule of the sport, these are issues that one should settle for as a coach. Then, there are kind of respectful methods of doing it, “ a disillusioned Sumyk associated. With tennis paralyzed, not solely the gamers are affected as the principle protagonists, but in addition the coaches. It’s the case of Sam Sumyk, former coach of Garbiñe Muguruza (after a stormy skilled relationship) and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, who has seen his exercise as a technician come to a halt as a result of coronavirus stoppage.“With the circuit stopped, many coaches don’t have any revenue. Not solely coaches, all of the individuals who gravitate across the circuit don’t have any revenue. There are only a few privileged folks in our occupation. To my information, a coach has no safety on the circuit. We have now no compensation. Maybe some have particular contracts? I have no idea. We are not WTA staff, we don’t signal something, not like the gamers. With out going into victimization, we are recyclable merchandise “, Sumyk defined within the newspaper L’Équipe, evidencing the hole in consolation between tennis gamers and coaches.last_img read more