Website operation a year flow of more than 10000 experience

Q959 site navigation site operation a year, day IP flow of 10 million, ranked 150 thousand in the world, in a small navigation site is very good. Everyone probably wants to know about experience, and I’ve always wanted to sum up my experience and share it with you. But what I want to tell you is that there is no short cut experience, depending on demand analysis and personal effort. Even if there are shortcuts, it is also accidental, not for the public.

a lot of people want to know, what kind of advanced knowledge and skills of operating website, want to step in place. What I want to tell you is, how can the master play, and the ordinary people need to do it honestly. read more

Review my hard network career

year after year, I ran to my father in Fushan Fushan friends working for a living, because you know the work at Flextronics last year, my life is not appropriate, but can not earn money, because I used money in a wasteful, Flextronics, did not leave a penny, every month is to borrow money Live to work, this year is also proved my wasteful habits, my father came to Fushan friends to go to work, go to the first few days worth of boring, nothing to do, and the salary is one thousand two hundred or three hundred yuan a month, from the bottom of my heart, do not want to do, what to go for work, so he called to Yu Chen then I left, because of boring, so I started a career slot machine. read more

Sichuan 2016 science and technology poverty alleviation project platform to help the poor

The coastal areas in China since the reform and opening up,

has made great development, but Sichuan as our southwest region, some local economic development still lags behind, according to a common phenomenon that the development of a new platform. Open the Sichuan science and technology to help online mobile phone APP, expert services, technology supply, industry information, supply and marketing docking and other four major services present. This is one of the ten key tasks of the province’s science and technology poverty alleviation in 2016, but also a part of the Sichuan science and technology poverty alleviation online platform. read more

Secret bids for secret Secrets

auction is now many webmaster in things, but there are about 30% after webmaster do the bidding is regret, because they feel that their website auction can not produce profit behavior, to know the bidding account is a few thousand dollars, for most webmaster is a relatively large funds, if the auction does not produce profit behavior, so many webmaster is crowning calamity.

in the face of loss and profit of the auction, the auction in the face of temptation, this paper brings to the webmaster friends today is for those of the secret, I believe that after reading this article you can understand your industry is suitable for the auction, if not fit so quickly abandoned the bid to find another way. read more

Webmaster success mentality

character determines fate, attitude determines everything. As one of the countless webmaster, I have the experience, to do anything, to be successful, must have a good attitude. For each of us, attitude is a person of subjective consciousness, and he decided to guide our behavior, what kind of attitude, what kind of behavior; what kind of behavior, there is what kind of habit; what kind of habits, what kind of what kind of character; of course, character, what kind of fate. That’s how attitude affects it. read more