Henan trunk roads do not rely on the creation of conditions to do

"to the rich, first road" which is a great reformer Comrade Deng Xiaoping said, in the process of economic development, improve the transportation infrastructure is the basic rigid condition. According to the development trend of the times in Henan, the positive political power is helpful to improve the enthusiasm of local governments.

6 28, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Communications Department jointly issued the "notice" on improving and strengthening measures for the management of general highway construction, from now on, ordinary highway construction project by the provincial development and Reform Commission approval, in addition to cross city, cross the Yellow River bridge and other major projects are clearly defined, the rest of the project all delegated to the provincial governing county, city, province (city) approval. read more

Enhance the social impact of voluntary service

On the afternoon of July 24th, the city civilization Committee held a plenary meeting to further promote the city’s voluntary service. Municipal Committee, publicity minister, chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, municipal civilization committee director Wang Haihong speech at the meeting, the city civilization committee members to attend the meeting.

Wang Haihong pointed out that the voluntary service is an effective carrier to promote the city to create a civilized city, is a lively practice of building a harmonious society, is an important way to implement the socialist core values, to fully understand the importance of volunteer service work for us to improve the level of spiritual civilization construction, speed up is of great significance to promote a civilized city. Wang Haihong requirements, to the integration of resources, strengthen the publicity, and strive to improve the volunteer service of social influence, to integrate resources, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of members of the unit, and then to adhere to the project operation, and constantly develop and improve the volunteer service projects, to intensify propaganda, the popularity of the concept of voluntary service, and to deepen the network culture volunteer activities. To strengthen leadership, improve the mechanism to promote the comprehensive development of voluntary service, first of all to strengthen the organization and leadership, and then improve the working mechanism, and finally increase investment. Wang Haihong stressed that the social volunteer service, is a lofty social undertakings, volunteer service activities, specific measures to lead the social good fashion, is a powerful starting point for deepening mass spiritual civilization, is an important way of innovation of social management, is to create a national civilized city of reality. The city’s various regions, departments and volunteer organizations at all levels and the majority of the volunteers, to create a civilized city as a platform, with greater enthusiasm and high morale, more selfless love, as a positive, innovation, and create a new social volunteer service work in our city face. read more

Small and micro enterprises to reduce tax relief pressure

days ago, the reporter learned from the tax department, since small and micro enterprises preferential implementation as of now, the city of Xining city district that Small and micro businesses 485 households, which enjoy tax relief policy of the 340 enterprises, tax cuts amounting to 1 million 850 thousand yuan, greatly alleviate the pressure of Small and micro businesses.

according to the introduction, in the implementation of preferential tax policies, many Small and micro businesses lack of professional financial accounting personnel, in order to allow enterprises to understand and grasp the tax preferential policies Small and micro businesses, the tax department promptly organize the staff to take the initiative to contact with the enterprise, the enterprise to explain the relevant policies and regulations to guide enterprises for the identification procedures, so that these enterprises understand the government on the Small and micro businesses preferential tax policies, and through the transition hall declaration and online reporting, to limit the tax is not enough, according to the provisions in the declaration hall directly realize the amount of relief, to fully enjoy the Small and micro businesses, to inform their online reporting, saving time and cost for the enterprise. (author: Yang Jian)
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Next year 5 lines will update the bus

The reporter from the October 25th Xining bus Refco Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the bus company) was informed that with the needs of the adjustment and optimization of public transit network in our city by the end of this year, the city will purchase 333 new energy buses. It is expected that next year, the new bus will replace 1 road, road, road, road, road, road, 5, 25 bus routes of the existing vehicles to facilitate the public to travel 12 of the people of the world, there are no more than 2.It is reported that

, optimization network in the city to adjust the urban public transportation scheme, the main task of this year is the end of the purchase of new energy bus, car gradually put in place, from the beginning of 2016 January, the bus company plans to present 1 road, 2 Road and 9 road to replace all the new energy vehicles 12 meters long, and with the increasing number of vehicles to increase capacity. Such as 2 road from the existing capacity of the car to increase to 70 units of the 56. Replace the vehicle down, will be deployed to the 82 Road, 101 Road, 105 Road, 85 Road, 102 Road, 22 Road, 86 Road, 71 Road, 83 Road, 3 Road, 6 road, 11 road, 18 road, 19 Road, 28 Road, 4 road, 37 Road, in order to increase the capacity of the morning and evening peak but, the original part of the line has reached the retirement age of the vehicle will be scrapped.The new read more

How to do the daily management of bamboo fiber textile agency

home textile industry continues to develop, the emergence of many new brands and products, is now popular bamboo fiber home textile products, if you want to open a shop, then how should do a good job in management? A lot of bamboo fiber textile agents are very concerned about this issue, then let’s look at a small bar.

bamboo fiber home textile shop ceiling, walls, floors, counters and merchandise must be promptly cleaned every day, damaged things must be repaired or replaced in time, shall not play uncivilized audio and video products. Require employees to maintain personal hygiene, dress neatly, maintain a good image and mental state for customer service. read more

Xining District Four big the grass roots party construction work

The party’s grassroots organizations are the cornerstone of the party’s work at the grassroots level, is to promote scientific development, leading the masses to get rich, close ties with the masses, to maintain the stability and stability of a strong core of leadership. In 2015, under the leadership of the municipal Party committee, district four to close to reality, the principle of life, the work of Party building and service combination and overall arrangement, and constantly sum up experience, to develop ideas, identify the entry point, to find new ways to explore new ways to pragmatic and effective measures to strengthen the grass-roots party construction work. Enjoy the party "big" article.

area to discuss, harmonious and orderly, perfect regional consultation mechanism, the establishment of a joint meeting to promote regional party building work, the different resources, different membership, loosely connected party organizations linked to Party building community, the establishment of public chamber, residents say things point 13, called switch associated units party joint meeting 26 times, the innovation of social management. To enhance the level of autonomy.

North: three to promote the "three basic level"
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Xining city administration planning focus in 2016

December 24, 2015, the Bureau of the party in the four floor conference room held by the global middle class cadres to participate in the work of the planning ideas in 2016. We conscientiously sum up the successful experience, accumulated in 2015 the work of the meeting, the offices of center for people based on their own ideas and actively talk about pre planning next year to carry out the work, especially when it comes to research funding of key projects, we mood, talk freely, agreed that: in 2015 the overall work on a new level especially, strive to 400 thousand yuan (200 thousand yuan for energy-saving project funds to build such funds platform, 200 thousand yuan for water-saving units to create, for the first time) to apply for project funding "zero" breakthrough in history, and strive to next year the focus of the project funds doubled, we are full of confidence and hope to work in 2016.
in 2016, my bureau will be in the strong leadership of the municipal government, in the spirit of reform and innovation, in practice, to make administrative affairs work in the forefront. ; read more

Science and Technology Museum closed the original new action

science and Technology Museum has been a lot of parents and children love to go to the place, recently, the provincial science and Technology Museum closed, which makes many parents and children are particularly concerned about, "the Museum of science and technology, why what time can open and closed after the opening of the museum is what highlights……" In response to this series of questions, the evening news reporter interviewed the person in charge of the provincial science and technology museum. read more

Russian circus detonated Xining parent child group

is the people’s Park staged the Russian circus become the best platform for the general public parent-child activities, the reporter learned from the active site, since entering the summer, 80% viewers for family circus in russia.

this is a narrow opportunity to narrow the distance between parents and children, by looking at the Russian circus together to enhance the understanding of the child." Many of the audience told reporters, usually children are busy learning, and parents are very small, with children watching the Russian circus, not only let the children see the growth, and gave the children a chance to relax, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow. It is understood, sponsored by the Xining municipal government, Municipal Bureau of forestry, Xining evening news co hosted the Russian circus national tour activities in the people’s park every two performances, have very ingenious performances, star Tiger, lion, animal bears, monkeys, sheep, horses, the group many star players and many programs won the international awards. The show is funny acrobatics, and thrilling tamer performances, there are large Russian dance, is a rare surprise, odd never show, the majority of visitors to bring a visual and auditory feast. read more

The eastern two public kindergarten opened in October is expected to accommodate 630 children

after a period of construction, two East District public kindergarten enrollment is expected in October this year, the park opened.

August 25th, according to the staff of the East District Education Bureau, in order to further standardize the development of pre-school education, Chengdong District inventory of idle resources, the use of the original North Street primary school site implementation of Fernando kindergarten art in new projects, plans to invest 15 million 300 thousand yuan, the total construction area of 3385 square meters, has 9 classes, can accommodate 270 children into the garden, at present the teaching building has been completed, ongoing interior decoration and outdoor engineering. In addition, the eastern part of the Xining Municipal People’s Government in the implementation of the National Institute of nursing homes in the new project, plans to invest 8 million yuan, with a total construction area of 3216 square meters, with a total of 12 classes, can accommodate up to 360 children. The two public kindergarten enrollment strive to open in October. read more

The new target new map new hope

From the source to the Sanjiang Hehuang valley;

"will be" promoting poverty alleviation and development "as the" one of the key contents of 13th Five-Year ‘planning, fully demonstrated the unprecedented concern for the poverty-stricken areas of the Central Committee of the party, deep concern for the poor masses." Guoluo Maqin County, Zhaang cadre says.

"communique, I am most concerned about is the full implementation of serious illness insurance system." Haidong Wang said the people, promote the healthy China construction, deepening medical and health system, rationalize pharmaceutical prices, the implementation of health care, health care, pharmaceutical linkage, establish the basic health care system covering urban and rural areas and modern hospital management system, the implementation of food safety strategy, and pointed out the direction for the reform of the medical institutions in china.

Huzhu county civil Lin Ping said, "the Fifth Plenary Session bulletin content is very down to earth, mainly focus on people’s livelihood, to the fundamental interests of the people concerned. If the report is most concerned in income, education, employment, pension, medical and other people on the issue of reform, and put forward to perfect the related system, to realize the social justice, truly let the people share the achievements of reform, which makes us for the next five years is more full of expectation."

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The new Silk Road new dream new opportunities Guangcai Silk Road and 2015 Xining city development an



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